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NILO P. DEMEREY JR., the incumbent Vice Governor of the Province of Dinagat Islands, is an outstanding public servant. A son of both public-school teachers, who witnessed how his parents dedicated themselves as public servants. The eldest boy of a family of six (6) siblings raised by a religious and modest mother and a disciplinarian and professional former military officer father. At an early age, he was taught strict adherence to exemplary ethical behavior with love and compassion by his parents and family. As a young boy, he was exposed to religious devotions and prayers by his mother and the stringent and soldierly ways of justness and sincerity on all his actions by his father. The values that he learned from his parents compounded by positive actions and thoughts made him a consistent top academic performer and leader of his class since elementary to college. The same values and training also made him dream of becoming a priest to lead and serve humanity. 


During high school days, he has shown already exemplar leadership and academic excellence, He was a consistent honor student, president of the Student Council and various organizations and the Corps Commander of his Citizen Army Training Unit, After high school, he studied at St. Francis Xavier College Seminary to achieve his childhood dream to become a priest to be of service to others, At the seminary, his fellow seminarians recognized his leadership and his willingness to help others elected him leader of their Seminary Student council. He took a sabbatical regency and graduated Bachelor of Arts Major in English and Philosophy at Ateneo de Davao University in the year 1990, where he was the Corps Commander of the Ateneo de Davao University ROTC unit. He was also the Class Baron of the ROTC Advance Class 1990 of the 11th Regional Community Defense Unit (11th RCDU) Philippine Army.


After College Graduation while contemplating to re-enter the seminary to continue his dream to become a priest, he was captivated to practice the profession of his parents, which is teaching. He became College Instructor in various universities and colleges in the country and worked also in various capacities in the NGO, private and public sector. As a young professional, he helped established Group Advocate Building Advancement for the Youth (GABAY), which made him one of the Most Outstanding Youth Leader of the Philippines under the Magnolia Youth Achievement Award in the year 1991. In that year, also he helped in the establishment of the Mindanao Youth Confederation (MYC) and became the President of the Mindanao Community-based Youth Organizations Confederation (MCYOC). He went to consolidate community-based youth organizations in Mindanao. He visited various places in Mindanao from the hinterlands of Sulu, Tawi, Lanao, and Basilan to the mountains of Bukidnon and Surigao, traversing the plains of Cotabato, Agusan, and Davao to conduct consultations with the youth sector. He has fought for the establishment of the National Youth Commission (NYC) to help address the problems besetting the youth sector not only in Mindanao but in the entire country. Thus, in the year 1995, the NYC was established to pave the way to a more empowered Filipino youth.


He arrived in the Province of Dinagat Islands (PDI) in the year 2008 as a business executive. He joined the numerous investors and mining professionals engaging in the exploration and mining operations in the mineral reserve island. His leadership and friendly disposition got him elected as the President of the Community Relations Education Development Officers (CREDO) association and the Vice President of the Chamber of Mines of Caraga Region Inc. (CMCRI) on that same year he joined those prestigious mining organizations in the region. His simplicity, attitude, values, sincerity, experiences, education endeared him to the communities where he is engaged in PDI. He became friends to all sectors of the society in Dinagat Islands and selflessly shared his blessings to all like a servant of God. With pureness of intention to share and serve the people without thinking of something in return, the once stranger to the islands has transformed to become truly Dinagatnon in words, actions and spirit. Thus, when he was invited to run for public office in the year 2016, he landed as the elected Senior Board Member of PDI. 


As elected public officials, he has demonstrated the highest standard of exemplary conduct and ethical behavior. The nominee as a legislator has always considered public interest more than his personal interest. Professionalism, justness, and political neutrality has always been the centerpiece of his public service, as shown in his sponsorship and glaring support on several milestone legislations that irked some of his friends in the mining industry. Examples of these legislations are as follows; (1.) A Resolution Carving out of 1,000 hectares of land from mining areas to be used as Government Center, (2.) A Resolution Delineating all the Tourist Destinations in PDI from Mineral Reservation and converting them to be classified as Alienable and Disposable (A and D) to encourage tourism investment and development and (3.) Legislations to secure and protect Watershed Areas in PDI and sharing water rights with mining companies and or imposing unto them to waive their rights for and on behalf of the general public.  


Sincerity and responsiveness to the public can be seen in his brand of public service. He religiously visited and attended Flag Raising Ceremonies, school programs, and activities in almost all the 142 schools in PDI in his stint as the Chairman of the Committee on Education in Sangguniang Panlalawigan. He went to share his life and undertakings to the youth of PDI every time he visits schools for them to appreciate discipline and hard-works as a formula for success. And as the Vice-Chairman on the Committee on Social Services, he innovated the systems and passed legislation to fast-track release of assistance to individuals in crises situation (AICS). Through his dedication to bringing the government to the people, nominee “Demerey” earned the moniker “the REMEDY.” He personally talks to the sick in their hospital beds and implements the “Zero Billing” program of the government through the Department of Social Welfare and Development (DSWD) and Malasakit Centers and assigned people to assist and guide indigents. Visits the prisoners in their prison cells and extend help. Attend the needs of the dead in their death beds and sometimes lay them on their caskets and carry them on their final resting place and giving all what their government can assist them.


These accomplishments of selfless service and genuine concern for the people made way far from others. He unselfishly extends service to all Dinagatnons without the fun-fare and the glittery of acclamation, a way beyond others are doing. Utilizing wisely most of his time personal resources, living a simple life, open 24-hour service to the public, easily reach-out public servant and consistent in his demonstration of exemplary ethical behavior as public official.


(July 1, 2016- June 30, 2019)


Former Committees:

Chairman on Budget, Appropriation, and Finance Committee;

  • Chairman on Laws, Rules, and Ordinances;

  • Chairman on Education and Culture Development Committee;

  • Vice-Chairman on Tourism and Environmental Protection & Ecology Committee;

  • Vice-Chairman on Trade & Industry, Economic Enterprise Development, and Mining Committee;

  • Vice-Chairman on Public Safety and Peace & Order Committee;

  • Member - Public Works, Infrastructure, Transportation & Communication and Utilities Committee;

  • Member - Civil Society Organization (CSO) Committee; and

  • Member - Urban Planning and Land Use Committee


Awards as Senior Board Member


  • Highest Achiever of the 4th SP Award
    Declared as the Highest Achiever of the 4th SP for a matchless performance during his term as the Senior Board Member, 4th Sangguniang Panlalawigan year 2016-2017 of Dinagat Islands with the following notable facts:

  1. Author of some key ordinances i.e., PPP CODE, PDI Scholarship Program, 2017 Revenue Code, Budget for the Provincial Law Scholarship Program, Provincial Administrative Code, among others.

  2. Passed and approved 127 Ordinances, Number 1 on the number of Ordinances passed.

  3. Authored 433 Resolutions the highest number of Resolution passed.

  4. Rendered the highest Committee Reports during his term.

  5. Held as OIC and / or Acting Governor and Vice Governor from time to time enabling the official transactions of the provincial government on the normal flow.


  • Best Legislator Award 2018
    awarded a Best Legislator Award by the Provincial Government of Dinagat Islands thru the Program on Rewards, Awards, and Incentives for the Service Excellence (PRAISE) during the Gabi ng Parangal in celebration of the 12thKaadlawan ng Probinsya. on September 26, 2018. The award was given in profound recognition for his exemplary public service, outstanding achievement and in making numerous contributions who authored the highest number of Ordinances and Resolutions that contributed to the smooth delivery of service to address problems encountered by the Provincial Government of Dinagat Islands including the 7 municipalities and 100 Barangays.


  • Best Legislator Award 2019
    awarded a Best Legislator Award by the Provincial Government of Dinagat Islands thru the Program on Rewards, Awards, and Incentives for the Service Excellence (PRAISE) during the Gabi ng Parangal in celebration of the 13thKaadlawan ng Probinsya on October 02, 2019. The award was given in profound recognition for his on-going commitment and outstanding leadership that helped in the smooth delivery of public service excellence throughout the Province.