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The Theory of Spirituality

By: Antonio B. Acabal,MBA

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Spirituality in layman term is simply the study of existence of God’s creation of unseen world division of both good and bad spirits. The study of discovering the unseen underworld city of spiritual beings their mysteries and miracles.

Cor.8:6 (New International Version) “Yet for us there is but one God, the FATHER, from all things came and for whom we live….”

Behind the existence of man is also the presence of unseen spirits. The study of “College of Mystery “involves not only the relationship  of Man to the Creator but also his relationship to good spirits, however sometimes man failed to success  because of trials that comes along their way and the  interruptions of   strong temptations by bad spirits.

In the Holy Scriptures, the good spirit was named “Angels” and the bad spirits was called “Demons “while for life after death we also called our spirit “SOUL”.

The spiritual existence of Allah, at the same time called Him the Divine God and He himself is also   Spirit. The Divine God’s companion is a millions of Spirits called as his servants “Angels”. The fact and the purpose of the angels to interfere with human beings is to tell to the whole world that the creator is God. God who is behind the creation of the universe, galaxy and the planets, the earth where we live in and in returned, man must adore Him for such.

 Man as human beings is alive when both material and spirit are intact together. Man cannot live without his spirit, hence the spirit also comes from God. God is the creator and man is his co-creator.

Aside from Jesus ,the Son of God, another Great Divine Person, Divine Master Ruben Edera Ecleo Sr., who   share His knowledge on Spirituality in order to easily understand the unexplained mysteries and miracles.

The theory of spirituality referring to spiritual aspects taught to us by the members of Spiritual World Division through the mediator of spiritual beings, Divine Master Ruben Edera Ecleo Sr., the greatest teacher of Rubenian Era who made it possible to transfer spiritual knowledge to his followers. The Professors of Spirituality is the Four Corners of the World as well as their siblings the “New World Spiritual Division”. To connect us to spiritual world,  Divine Master Ruben Edera Ecleo Sr. and His  anointed and successors bearing the name “Ruben “ there Supreme Divine Authority continuously performed Divine intervention with the Spiritual World Division up to this present  time.

To understand spirituality is to study further their language ,the ARAMAIC. The foundation of ARAMAIC Divine Word is the “9 mystery prayer”. It is a rosary  prayer  and the most powerful prayer to generate spiritual powers .Aramaic Divine Words for specific titles for specific purposes such as spiritual medicines ,operations and also protections against bad elements.

The techniques and procedures on    Divine Healing power through the power of the sacred rings were introduced by Spiritual Doctors of the Spiritual World Division. The Missioners, the passers of PBMA Inc.,screening were trained for different methods and  applications of handling cases of material and spiritual sickness  for immediate healing and recovery of the patient. Kabalistic Numerology, Divine formulas and other concerns pertaining about College of Mystery are also   consider equally important in the study of spirituality.

The theory of reincarnation is also analogy to the theory of mortality, in some interpretations with the evolution of” life after death”. One soul for the successful faithful missioner is given a chance, as a reward to repeatedly allowing one soul to return back to his Material World. His existence on earth may be to continue their unfinished mission commissioned by the Divine Creator or it might be the will of God for being faithful to Him. It is only the Spiritual Division members who has the power to control and to return you back to another body. Can we just imagine, since the beginning of creation the number of generation the spirit evolved   using different material body until this present time?

The spiritual contact and intervention with the Divine Master and even goes down to the missioners or to any person for any occasions is very much possible. In the association of PBMA Inc., our devotion centered to Godliness.   Regular prayers is the best food of the guardian angels and in general to all good spirits. The followers believed that their body be the temple of   good spirits to do divine purpose .A missioner shall always be physically clean with pure heart to become temple of good spirits. The good spirits like Saints cannot penetrate good deeds to mankind if the material body of man is wick and full of vices. Likely, when he lacks discipline. The impact of having good relationship with your guardian angels is you’re being protected from all kind of bad elements.

 Millions of good spirits equals to millions of bad spirits whom both are operating the same in the universe as well as in the place where we live in. These are one of the reasons why, good spirits seek righteous person to transfer their spiritual knowledge not only of Divine Healing.  Besides to transfer their modern technology inventions particularly on their expertise to sciences and technology .Complicated world technology to complicated needs of nations.  Big nations wants to rule the earth while others are hunger for power and supremacy. Unknowingly, bad spirits had regain negative forces that  resulted to envy, wars against nations, famines and others, thus, Spiritual Divine Governance   shall be best adopted now a days.

 “Man is the master of himself”: Man is given freewill to choose righteousness. This is the reason why doctrines of Twelve (12) qualities of being a faithful members of PBMA Inc. is strictly emphasized to the followers. Allowing oneself to be the Temple of Good Spirit. Hence, Saintly deeds is the essence of Spirituality of PBMA Inc.,

On the other side, spiritually grounded when a person committed a sin. Perhaps, deeds are not in accordance of the law of spirituality or prohibited acts of being a missioner is violated. If there is still time to repent, ask forgiveness to regain the trust. Hence, good spirit will go away from a sinner.

If someone goes deeper on the study of Spirituality, one might not understand easily unless your own spirit is inborn spiritual members .Your background to spirituality depends on who you are; studies in spirituality continues until the end of time and even   upon returned to material world.

For the neophytes of the “College of Mystery”, a set of standards must strictly be follow. Wait for the right time, when the vibrations strikes and comes unexpectedly. To the chosen, the gate to spiritual avenues are open to mankind.

Author's Quote

“It is not a man who chooses his God because God is only one, but it is God who chooses his people according to his will and be recognize as members of his family.”


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