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Dr. Ruben met Glenda, the beauty lad of Gitagom, in a meeting of the members of the Rizalian Association of Mercy founded by Rafael Mondejar in Matangad, Misamis Oriental. Glenda is the oldest daughter of spouses Roberto Buray and Rufina Oliveros who were members of the said association.

Glenda admired Dr. Ruben in his prowess in basketball game. Thru Olive, Glenda’s best friend, Dr. Ruben and Glenda became intimate friends and later they felt in love with each other.

Dr. Hugh Tovar wanted Dr. Ruben to marry Glenda, but Rufina, Glenda’s mother, did not agree because she wanted Glenda to finish her study as a teacher. The Members of the Spiritual Division were the one making and performing strategy on courtship for the marriage of Dr. Ruben and Glenda.

Dr. Hugh Tovar offered Glenda for a spiritual study for her teaching profession. She was advised to wear white clothes before going to sleep at 6:00 o’clock in the evening to 6:00 o’clock in the next morning for thirty days. She met great professors in a big university in the spiritual world of whom one of those professors was former US President Theodore Roosevelt.

They got civil marriage in 1955, and Dr. Ruben perform his material mission as a family man. He invented stainless buckle and sell it to Coca-Cola Bottling Company in Cagayan de Oro City, then he became tobacco peddler and thru a Chinese tobacco tycoon he engaged to tobacco business in the whole province of Misamis.

The Caballeros de Rizal Agricultural Endeavor

Dr. Ruben went to Maguinda, near Agusan River with his cousin, Arturo Ecleo, to offer tobacco to the members of the Caballeros de Rizal Agricultural Endeavor led by its President, Datu Santiago Ecleo, and his first cousin. Datu Santiago offered Dr. Ruben to join the caballeros as spiritual doctor with a condition that the caballeros will pay P350.00 and one sack of rice as monthly supply and allowance.

In 1957, Dr. Ruben became the Chief Doctor of the Caballeros de Rizal Agricultural Endeavor, and together with Glenda and their first son, Rico, lived in Maguinda. United as one, Glenda, together with ApolinarioSumampong, Isidro Luzon and Felipe Gulle, strongly supported the spiritual mission of her husband. She assisted patients during their healing mission in far-flung and remote barangays in highlands of Mindanao and the Visayas including some part of Luzon.

In 1958 while Dr. Ruben was on mission in Masbate, Glenda experienced miserable life in Maguinda because the caballeros stopped their support to the family for food and monthly allowance of P350.00. They only ate camoteand camote taps, and the most heart-breaking sensation was the death of her beloved son, Rico.

Mission in Cab-ilan

After a melancholic death of Rico, the couple left Maguinda and promised to never again happen to their lives. Glenda went back to Gitagom and Dr. Ruben made his own small hospital “tambalanan” in Cab-ilan where hundreds to thousands of patients gathered every day from different parts of the country to ask Dr. Ruben’s power.

Such phenomenal divine healing miracle was tremor Surigao authorities asking who this ordinary man from Cab-ilan was can perform miracles and cured different kinds of ailment. Dr. Castro of Provincial Hospital including some clergies filed a case against Dr. Ruben for illegal practice of medicine.      


Mission in Puyange

In 1959, Dr. Ruben with his wife, Glenda, transferred in Puyange and gathered all of his brothers and sisters and relatives especially mother Justiniana and some die hard believers who wanted to live with him. One of those patients was Arsenio Nazareno, a blind man, who regained his eye sight through miracle and joined Dr. Ruben for his mission.They built another small hospital made of round timber and cogon roof for patients.