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Ubing, as his family called him, was baptized in the name of ROBINSON at Melgar on April 17, 1935 by Aglipayan priest, Monsignor Juan Sales.  Second World War was broke out in 1942 and all schools were closed, Ubing and Moises, his older brother and intimate playmate were fond of watching the great Battle of Surigao Strait by American Forces against Japanese Forces from Puyange shore.

Liberation in 1946, all schools were opened. Ubing studied Grade I at Wilson while at the same time he studied also in Surigao, Leyte and other schools in Visayas and Mindanao.

The Spiritual Division commanded Ubing to go on mission. In a spring near a river at Kilometer 3, Surigao, Lolo Adriano gave Ubing a booklet; that marked the commencement of his mission to serve humanity.

Without notifying his real mission in life, Father Jose and Mother Justiniana and the rest of the family were innocently watching and taking care Ubing in going to school, doing some household chores and helping fishing and farming activities for a living.

On the other hand, Ubing became popular on his first healing mission in provinces of Leyte, Samar, Bohol, Cebu, Negros, Siquejor and Panay Island. He was known as BenancioSingkaw in Leyte, BatangMisteryoso in Cebu, BatangKahibulongan in Negros, Ben IsayNgipon in Bohol, Dr. Laway and many other names his patients called him.

Father Jose died on April 17, 1947 at Puyange. His death was so mysterious to his family. Jose gave a sacred thing to Ubing but the later refused to accept and gave it to Moises. Mother Justiniana carried the burden at her back as a bread winner to the family, sending children to school and cultivating the promise land of Puyange. Until in 1949 a Super Typhoon Dading struck Puyange and the rest of Dinagat Islands including Surigao and Leyte provinces.