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The Place Chosen by God (SD)


The Miracle of the South unveils the Perfect Master Plan of the Spiritual Division that intertwines the life of Divine Master Ruben EderaEcleo, Sr., a man who banged the world through his wisdom, doctrine, philosophy, teachings, missionary works and unequivocal history. In the vast horizon of the Far East, amidst the molten Pacific Ocean, Puyange, now San Jose in mystical province of Dinagat Islands sprouts a new power, knowledge and kingdom created by God through His Chosen Family, the Ecleo’s.


The Family Chosen by God (SD)


Puyange’s first settlers, Crispulo Ecleo and Francisco Ecle, cultivated and developed the God’s chosen land of SPIRITS for His people. The scions of spouses Crispulo Ecleo and Pascuala Estubio increased in numbers, and Puyange was bequeathed to his son, Jose Ecleo with his wife, Justiniana Edera, from Cab-ilan Island. They were blessed with children: Ispiritu, Nicolas, Orsencia, Uldarica, Moises and Ruben.

The Birth of Ubing


In December 1934, Justinianawas conceived to her youngest child, Ruben, at Puyange. She suffered from too much pain during her pregnancy which she could no longer resist and sometimes she lost in the wilderness while Jose, a well-known MEDIKO in Dinagat Islands and can communicate with spirits could not even cure his wife. At 11:00 o’clock noon on November 29, 1934, the baby cried inside the womb of mother Justiniana.

Ubing was born on December 9, 1934 at 7:00 in the morning at Cab-ilan Island, but here mother fainted and when she regained her consciousness after a couple of minutes she was insane and run into nowhere. Jose searched his lost wife for seven days and seven nights until on the seventh day he found Justiniana in Puyange atop of a rock in the middle of their farm.

Jose could not fathomed the mystery that had happened in their lives since the conception of Justiniana to his youngest son. His was powerless, and no communication with spiritual friends to answer his predicament. At the midst of his oblivion, Gen. Lolo Adriano dela Concepcion speak before him at the seashore of Cab-ilan the prophecy of his son Ruben and the future kingdom that will rise soon at up the hill of Puyange.