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Philippine Benevolent

Missionaries Association,

Incorporated (PBMA, Inc.)

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The Philippine Benevolent Missionaries Association, Incorporated was created by Divine Master in compliance with the Members of the Spiritual Division, his wife Glenda and families, and with the faithful followers of his teachings. It was approved by the Securities and Exchange Commission on October 19, 1965.

The aims and purposes for which said association is formed are: to promote national and international peace and unity; preach and practice the virtue of benevolence by being charitable, giving voluntarily, helping generously, serving faithfully, without discrimination or distinction as to race, religion or nationality; work for mutual friendly relationship with all nations that uphold the true essence and principles of democracy, as well as maintain harmonious relations with all religions, societies or associations in the country and abroad; establish an association of brotherhood with sound governance and a polity that could help attain and maintain free, orderly, honest and good government consistent with the country’s Constitution of the Republic of the Philippines; and institute measures directed towards the upliftment of the socio-economic conditions of the members for quality life.

Historical Background

The Purpose of the Association

As provided for in the Articles of Incorporation of the Association, the purposes for which it was established are explained as follows:

1. Charity

a. To serve faithfully
b. To help benevolently
c. To give voluntarily


The members of the Association may not be able to understand clearly the context, dentation, connotation and implication of term charity. For this purpose, a member must engage and/or participate in humanitarian activities in the community, without expecting any monetary remuneration or in kind.

Serving faithfully, on the other hand, is a condition of integrity or rectitude in which the member must not predicate his free services on personal interest, self aggrandizement, pride, honor and profits, to achieve personal ends or selfish motives.

To help benevolently, is not easy to implement, since the term benevolent denotes degree of wide distribution and connotes the liberty or freedom of the recipient of services from any kind of obligation whatsoever. Spontaneity or voluntariness therefore, is the nature of assistance, selflessness in purpose and finally without personal motive in intention.

To help benevolently may also mean extending assistance to other people or members of the Association; without anticipation of remunerative returns of monetary consideration. Benevolence means to help without expecting pecuniary values, material rewards in one form or another.

To give voluntarily means to donate freely, convey, transmit or deliver any form of material thing or any form of value whatsoever for purposes of helping, serving and promoting the highest interest of our brother man, without mental reservation and anticipator or reciprocal consideration.

2. To Promote

a. International peace and unity is quite noble and gradiose objective. This purpose may be achieved by the Association through the efforts of its officers and members, particularly the missionaries. International peace develops from personal and national peace. National peace evolves from individual person or individual families where mento-emotional equilibrium pervades which enhance the spirit of friendliness, camaraderie and brotherhood throughout the world.

Every PBMA member, therefore must guard against improper speech, uncivil act, immoral deeds, ulterior motives all of which develop confusion, hatred, disorder, quarrels, jealousies, and suspicion. If we qualify the efforts of PBMA members of the promotion of friendship, camaraderie and brotherhood, we finally establish national peace and ultimately build international peace through our efforts and guidance.

3. To work

For mutual and friendly relations with all the nation of the world that uphold the true essence and principles of democracy. This objective may be achieved by an orderly system, coordinated and synchronized activities among our member through our prayers, to build an overall aura of peace ad equanimity. Friendliness with all people, without distinction of creed, race and ideology. This coordinated effort may result in good human inter-relationship with all nationalities in the world, without necessarily surrendering the ideals of our democratic institutions.

All ideologies in the world are predicted on and geared towards progress. No ideology is basically evil or intrinsically and except the empiricism of modernity which dedicates its efforts for war and human extinction upon the surface of this planet. An ideology must be designed for human progress, international peace and happiness. We must maintain and cherish the freedom to do good, not the freedom to do bad, that is destructive to mankind.

For a free, good, clean and honest government in the Philippines. In the exercise of free, good and clean government and in the realization of this objective, each and every member of the Association must be vigilant, we mean that a PBMA member must be solicitous and responsive to the needs of the community-as a citizen he must exercise his or her duties and responsibilities and transmit these ideas to all other citizen through his missionary work. With this scheme done, honest government may be realized. There is no compromise between right or wrong. Where wrong or anomalous practice is patent, a PBMA member must help in its curtailment, control or ultimate radiance.

For the upliftment of the economic, spiritual, moral and social condition of the members of the Association. In clearer terms, the Association is duty-bound to uplift if not to ameliorate the economic, spiritual, moral and social well being of its members. By these terms each member must engage in constructive activities to accomplish an enterprise designed to increase the member’s financial income, without necessarily indulging in unlawful or anomalous acts, in flagrant violation of the Constitution of our government or nay other implementing rules and regulations, degrees orders and resolutions promulgated or prescribed by our government.

Upliftment of the member’s spiritual, moral and social condition also means practice of religiosity, moral education reverence or respect for other people’s belief and their duties which means that a member should be non-sectarian separatist. With this attitude, the member may be able to establish friendly relations, brotherhood or camaraderie, since his ideals delve on universal brotherhood that supports the principle of unionism and world citizenship. Ultimately members of the PBMA may be able to associate with all kinds of nationalities, with different creed, race, ideology and social or intellectual status, peoples of different professions, trades, the mediocres, paupers, laborers and all other human beings.


We, the bonafide members of the PHILIPPINE BENEVOLENT MISSIONARIES ASSOCIATION, INCORPORATED (PBMA), seeking the continuing guidance and aid of the Divine Providence, in order to attain our objective of promoting world brotherhood, render service to humanity, and love of fellowmen establish an association that seeks to strengthen the moral and spiritual faculties as well as the economic and social needs of its members, promote friendly relations, brotherly understanding and harmony among all people, and help in the realization of national and international order, peace and unity under one world government and the Fatherhood of God, do hereby organize ourselves into a charitable, non-stock and non-sectarian.