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Board Member Noli B. Abis



The Parliamentarian


The Sangguniang Panlalawigan, as the legislative body of the province, is governed by its Internal Rules of Procedures (IRP), the conduct of the session (proper dequorum), the parliamentary rules (rules on motions) and the legislative process in enacting ordinances and passing resolutions.


Board Member Noli B. Abis, pretty-known as “The Parliamentarian”, is quite different among his peers in the August Chamber. He confers in the plenary the legislative parlance which says: “Efficient and effective legislations derived from a deliberative, painstaking and consensus legislative actions”.


He is considered as one of the builders of the province. A conventional leader fighter for truth originated from Barangay Matingbe, a mother barangay of Puyange now a bustling capital town of San Jose, his elusive and youthful dream coasted him to the epitome of success, now, a provincial board member, a high caliber legislator of the 5th Sangguniang Panlalawigan.


His lumad’s heart and blood rekindled him to tread the political arena when he was chosen as one of the interim municipal officials of the Municipality of San Jose via Republic Act No. 6769 otherwise known as “An Act Creating the Municipality of San Jose” authored by then Congresswoman Glenda B. Ecleo in 1989 with Ruben B. Ecleo, Jr., as the first mayor of the municipality.


Board Member Abis served as Chairman of the Board of Directors of the Dinagat Islands Electric Cooperative (DIELCO) where he introduced numerous reforms on the electric services in Dinagat Islands.


On October 2, 2006, Her Excellency Gloria Macapagal Arroyo signed into law Republic Act No. 9355 also known as “AN ACT CREATING THE PROVINCE OF DINAGAT ISLANDS”, authored by then Congresswoman Glenda B. Ecleo; but creation into a province was not as easy as it was, it undergone painstaking, tedious and sacrificial endeavor to convince all electorates of the mother province of Surigao del Norte to say “YES to Dinagat Islands”.


A “YES TO DINAGAT ISLANDS CAMPAIGN” was conducted in the entire Province of Surigao del Norte, including islands of Siargao and Bucas Grande, and NoliAbis was one of the front lines of the campaign spearheaded by then Vice Mayor Zacarias N. Vales, with barangay captains of the Municipality of San Jose, namely:

         Cristino V. Medallo, Sr.      -       Poblacion

         EstaneslaoPacatang           -       Aurelio

         Mario Bagunas                   -       San Juan

         Rodrigo Reponte                -       Jacques

         Jessie Ecleo                       -       Matingbe

         Ricardo Olaco                     -       Wilson

         LonginoGajelloma              -       Cuarinta

         RomualdoBitacora             -       Luna

         Jimmy Ecleo                      -       Sta. Cruz

         Antonio B. Acabal               -       Don Ruben, and

with participation of Lucio Mercado, Lucas Arcala and AnecetoMalinog, and blessed by Master Ruben B. Ecleo, Jr.


The “YES TO DINAGAT ISLANDS” won in the concluded plebiscite on February 2, 2007, and the commencement of the corporate existence which marked the beginning of the provincehood of Dinagat Islands.


Noli Abis hastened his legislative prowess in the Sangguniang Panlalawigan when he holds a position as Legislative Staff Officer IV, to draft essential ordinances and resolutions and imparted thought-provoking ideas to board members in aid of legislations with Secretary to the Sangguniang Panlalawigan, Mr. Segundino S. Basadre, LLB.


The fact that the province was shaken with oblivion on question of constitutionality when the Supreme Court nullified the passage of Republic Act No. 9355, An Act Creating the Province of Dinagat Islands in 2010, Board Member Abis supported the provincial officials and employees to remain steadfast, amplifying their will to fight for justice.


In 2012, Dinagat Islands resurrected from defunct state when Supreme Court reverted its decision in favor of the province, and regained its legitimacy to pursued its development.


In 2016, the gentleman from Matingbe run for board member in District 2. He started to introduce change in the legislative chamber, and proposes measures for effective legislations.


He is meticulous enough to streamline some financial issues that every transaction must be in accordance with law, and in line to the needs of the people.


Board Member Noli B. Abis, the parliamentarian and a catalyst of change, so to speak, is abreast to the rule that “Government is not of men but of laws.”