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Mystery of the Birth of Ruben 

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The mysterious life of the Founder of the Philippine Benevolent Missionaries Association, Incorporated Divine Master Ruben Edera Ecleo, Sr. describes many things to understand the signs in the naked human eye to his own image as well as his work.

The spirits within him and supported his heavenly mission consists in him to unite the people of God from different classes of society that this divine order is established to be a guide to the kingdom prepared by Heavenly Father as this story of his life consists of many distinct personality, character, name, identified as parents, languages, home and family.

The miracles and mysteries he performed to many had witnessed since the conception of his mother Justiniana upon him to his birth. His life entwined with mysteries feel and hears from witnesses who also had separate declaration and confirmation the reality of what they witnessed.

Divine Master and his spiritual comrades also tell the author a different story about his birth contrary to the account of other witnesses. His uncle Bencio Edera, younger brother of his mother, Justiniana, confirmed that he assisted in the delivery of the child. Soledad, the younger sister of his mother, also explained that she served with Justiniana while pregnant with the youngest child, Ruben. Pandoy Edera, Bencio’s son, tells witnessed while serving his aunt and uncle about his wonders found in the unborn child also confirmed he had witnessed.

All who witnessed the birth varies prove they have witnessed. And the Divine Master also confirms the story of his birth and the author sent to find witnesses to confirm and give valid truth about his birth.

The author had to constantly collected stories from the eyewitnesses in the Isle of Cab-ilan, the homeland of the Divine Master. And there they proved to the author contrary to the declaration or testimony of what Divine master had witnessed during his birth.

The author said to himself that if all the presentation or revelation that he heard from witnesses may be breaking the spine or story ideas to his birth because it was too different from that of the story as told by Divine Master to the author.


Wrapped in confusion the author of the mystery of the life of Divine Master  was really puzzled who the true between them: Bencio, Pandoy, the midwife, the one who breastfeed the child, Pane, and others who became witnesses, and above all the Divine Master at that time was still in his mother’s womb.

The author asked Divine Master whose story he should follow and write, and who all witnessed the most true at all.

And Divine Master said to him, “The words of the witnesses are all true. They tell what they saw, and how different they present as different as they saw. ”

“But Master, how do you know that at the time you were in your mother’s womb?” the author asked to Divine Master full of confusion.

The Divine Master, just smile at him simultaneously and touch with the author’s head and said, “As you know, as I conceived my mother and birth is, I looked at what happened to me. Go ahead; write everything that I told you, which are very true.”

The Conception

Justiniana was pregnant on her sixth child, Ruben, whose agony she felt among her other five children was so intense the pain in her abdomen. Aside from her pregnancy in the first five children: Ispiritu, Nicolas, Orsencia, Uldarica and Moses, it was only the sixth child gave her much trouble while she was pregnant.

Jose, her husband, was a known “Mediko” in a spiritual way around the island of Dinagat including the surrounding areas of Leyte and Surigao. He also knew ingenuity to overcome evil spirits and creatures of darkness as well as the treatment of ready-made disease or human folly, and the fairy stray efficacy.

He also possessed the ability to call and interview the efficacy, which gave him the unique ability to heal the human illness and give information or report the weather and tell the future.


But when his spouse is pregnant to her youngest son suddenly lost the power held by Jose, he knew that his spiritual friends were always on his side and willing to respond to the problems suddenly disappeared, as he turned and he could not invoke.

Now that Jose needed help from his spiritual friends living in Puyange desolate condition of his wife, who suffered her pregnancy, but to show him and how he called them, they (spirits) ignored his request among the humble state of his wife.

Jose saw the desolate condition of the wife from time to time as mentally-ill, who suddenly shouting and then fly it to run to the forest. Said, as the men she was talking and she wanted to go to with them.

Jose wondered for each of these scenes and situations, his wife suddenly came away in his eyes and he could not see whether and how to seek and to extend his search and then suddenly explaining.

The conception of Justiniana to her youngest son was as pitiful as it always has had; Jose looked depressed to her wife and if he had not done anything to her.

Ruben Cried In the Womb of Her Mother

Justiniana was enthusiast eating shellfish “SUWAKI” during her pregnancy and always was her favorite food.

On November 29, 1934, Justiniana and Joseph went to gather suwaki at Puyange shore. Justiniana aboard on a small canoe while Jose wading knee-sea picking-up suwaki shells.

At 11:00 noon the heat of the day was harshly bite the skin when every now and then Justiniana’s moping face it heat up the feelings of pain in the stomach. She did not mind the pangs of the sun she felt and rather pleased as she has just continued eating her favorite shellfish.

The silence of the Puyange shore suddenly broke into a loud cry of a child reaches the rocks, trees, tranquil and clear crystal sea and white sand Puyange.

For the first time, the coouple only ignored the cries of the new born baby. Grew louder the cry and was intrigued Jose seeks its origin. Jose stopped to pick up suwaki and then he looked where it came from.

Joseph knew that they were only living in Puyange and he knew that there’s no new born child is likely to come and cries. He approached the spouse that has just eaten suwaki in the canoe, and said when he heard the mysterious cry of a newborn child. And the latter asked if there was anything she heard cries echoing all around.

They listen to the origin of crying as in their wondrous the great mystery why anybody cry of a child that they only family living in Puyange, and no other woman except Justiniana pregnant only.

But very much to their surprise, because they know that the cry of a child they were seeking in the bosom of Justiniana come. The unborn child of Justiniana is the cry rang out around the coast of Puyange.

Hardly believe the couple learned that crying baby in the womb of the mother. The couple knew a wonderful and mysterious thing cries of a child not yet born. And thanked both the Almighty showed signs of the birth of their child.

Although they did not understand the incident and did not understand the message of the cry omen means they witnessed, they accepted heartily the unique problem from the above.

A crying child in the lap of Justiniana amazed the couple. And every now and then in the mind of Jose a question the cause of the crying and what message delivered in them.

While in deep thoughts the couple, then passing the mother of Jose, Oya Paco (Pascuala Estobio) with Iking (Enrique Ecle) and Soleng (Soledad Edera), the younger brother of Justiniana from the field and saw the two glean. They came to the couple and asked what they had heard strange cry of a child who went to their fields.

The couple did not answer their questions because they know that they are looking for within the mother’s womb comes the cry.

The three looked at the source of crying and in great shock they witnessed the voice from the inside of Justiniana. The fetus cried in the mother’s womb. They could not even believe since all the children who have not been born could not cry.

Exclaimed Oya Paco and said to Justiniana a unique and powerful her unborn child being still in the womb of his mother able to cry.

Oya Paco further told the couple that the time to be a man their child will be great, well-known, respected, believe and live by.

But Jose humbly replied that because the child wept in the stomach because of the sun, and may have a bad feeling when he was in the womb.

Omen of Greatness

The couple returned to their poor home with the enigma that gave them more mysterious in the life of the mother and son as Jose did not understand the omens that he witnessed which his spiritual friends did not appeared and tell all about the mystery.

In the following times and days before the birth of Ruben comes with outstanding child as very disturbed Jose to the condition of his wife. After the tragic loss and noting and cry because of feelings of severe abdominal pain.

Whenever Justiniana feel the throbbing pain in the stomach suddenly ran to the woods as she calls people who do not see Jose that she will go to them.

Carrying wife’s concern for suffering of her pregnancy and also not unknown omens, Jose decided to bring Justiniana in Cab-ilan that there is help them on the day of the delivery of the child.


They only live in Puyange while his other relatives in the Barrio Matingbi and they could not help it in future births. Besides in Cab-ilan a lot of relatives were there and traditional birth attendant (hilot) to assist him at the time of delivery.

And so, Jose took his wife to Cab-ilan and prepare for the upcoming birth in the house of Bencio, Jose took mate and was expecting his child with Pandoy, the son of Bencio and other relatives.

At 2:30 at dawn on that date on December 9 year 1934, Jose sent Pandoy boiling water. As Pandoy arranged in the kitchen suddenly he heard the cry of a new born child which echoed around Cab-ilan Island.

Curiosity to see the new born child quickly he looked at the bedside of her aunt Justiniana thinking that the child was born. But his arrival at the room where the aunt is sleeping, he found it was very deep golden slumber and it did not bring race in his beliefs because he felt the cry of a new born child.

He was not wrong in his witness cried the child in the womb of his mother, which broke the silence of the early morning of Cab-ilan. He returned to the kitchen and continued the work of Jose commanded him. Her green conscience not simply erases his memory the mystery of the child crying though he is still in the womb of his mother.

While he is in deep thoughts about, he noticed the beautiful light switch in the vicinity of their poor house. He was encouraged to see the source of light is made up of many colors. He went home and looked captivating light.

A beautiful and bright stars shining with different colors he saw. The large and bright stars are shining tail like a broom stick shone directly to their home, where Justiniana awaiting her maternity. Proved Pandoy the great star he saw a comet shone upon them. The light spread throughout the island of Cab-ilan that delighted Pandoy looked wonderful and beautiful stars.

The joy of Pandoy he returned into the house to show the great stars to his uncle. He hurried up and shouting to the beauty of the stars he saw. But when he arrived at the top suddenly saw the bright stars and the darkness all around.


The Birth

Early in the morning of the 9th of December, early Justiniana awoke as well as the people in the house with Jose prepared for the requirements for delivery. Customary practices of Jose during a birth prepare the herbals to use as medicines and poultices of the stomach, or the leaves and bark combined with lukewarm water and bathing in the new birth.

Also coming are traditional attendant and other relatives because they knew that the day of his birth. Bencio also went to friends in the center of the island and talked about the future birth of the child.

While waiting for her delivery, Justiniana felt too much pain and in just a few minutes before 7:00 o’clock in the morning she’s shouting the throbbing pain in her abdomen.

She quickly did the traditional attendant (hilot) prepared that way, Jose, Soleng, and other relatives who joined assited her delivery. Justiniana cannot bear her anguish, together with a loud cry she extremely suffered the pain to death which she could not resisted.

Prompt at 7:00 o’clock in the morning, baby boy Ruben was born, healthy and stout, his skin is white like an American, and crying like an ordinanary baby. But simultaneously the birth of a child, Justiniana suddenly lost her consciousness.

Everyone was busy helping to the mother fainted. Joseph rushed to help the spouse who lost consciousness while traditional attendant own welfare as a new born child. Cut the child’s umbilical cord hilot but just in pure after the child’s navel revived the mother and suddenly it stood. Almost mother kicked the new born child, even better than the hilot fastly taking the child.

It was a sudden and unexpected incident. After the mother gave birth to his child, she lost consciousness. And when she regained consciousness she lost again a good idea that sparked nearly stepping on her own child.

All were stunned of the unforeseen events. Justiniana lost her good mental perception, and down the home bloodied clothes and took off running down the hill beyond their reach home.


Jose followed the wife full of sympathy and sorrow for the fate of his wife after she gave birth to her new born son. Filled with grief felt in his chest, he knew the reason that his wife was mentally-ill eversince her agony of her conception until the child is born.

Jose accelerated the run to find the mate. He is concerned about the effect then it may relapse because new or just giving birth. He saw the falling blood clots in the rocks signs that were passed by his wife. Jose got nervous on the consequences of mental disorder of his mate and he would not let something bad happen to her.

Jose came to rock, where the two stone bell hanging on the cliff by the sea that resemble a bell shape. But his arrival in stone bell also lost blood and his wife’s footsteps. Suddenly lost the mate that individualism is no indication where she was going.

His wife was filled with blood on her clothes and body, and so even in the footsteps of her bleeding feet. But the arrival of the rock suddenly it disappeared. Although the sea was no indication that Justiniana jumped and swam to the other side or sunk below because there was little blood mingling in the sea.

Jose searched around the rock, but he did not see the mate. He stripped off his clothes and he sank under the sea believing that he can find the wife, but he failed without the least sign that reached the seabed hapless spouse.

A fisherman came later in his place and Jose asked the man if he had seen Justiniana to water. And the fisherman replied that he did not see his mate.

Jose cannot easily touch the hearts of trials, but this time in tears in his eyes a sign of weakness to his illness drowned in trouble because of the great mercy of mother and child.

Only a few minutes exceeded after the birth of their youngest son and all of a sudden instead of happiness, the feelings of family and relatives of the child’s birth was replaced by the sad events that devastated their hearts especially Jose behind the insane wife who suddenly vanished like smoke which he did not know where his beloved spouse was.

Returning Bencio’s home, Jose dejected failure to get the wife as tears streamed down his face because of anguish. The depths of the heart of Jose refused to accept the truth of the desolate condition of the mother and child, and refused to accept the truth behind his greatness and being a doctor said he had done to help find the missing wife and even again and never knew Jose mystery that overshadowed their lives.

Increased feelings of sorrow to his arrival at the house of Bencio when he saw the innocent son carried by the traditional midwife. She took the child and gave him to Jose. As clutched his heart gazing child with the lost mother.

Jose has captured about making his tears rolling down his face. And he could not resist his fellings and embraced and wept together, saying, “Son, what happened to us? Ever conceived in your mother’s many changes in our life happened, and many mystery that is beyond my understanding.”

The child felt hungry and cried out loud, and Jose gave the child to Pane for breast feeding. The child stopped crying while Jose’s heart was nabbed as he looked at child with great hunger for leaving mother.

Jose asked the men in Cab-ilan for help to seek Justiniana. They went around the island and the sea immersed chance to see at the bottom of the sea. They came to the neighboring islands and villages by the sea. They went Cabayawan, Dinagat, Lisondra, Rizal, Gomez, Catadman and neighboring islands to the Surigao and Leyte.

Jose failed in their quest. Resulted in his inner mystery of the loss of his mate behind the bright morning this suddenly lost even the slightest sign and where she was going.

They almost asked all fishermen and they just searched the ocean with corals believing that it drowned or submerged under. But no one was able to see where Justiniana.


Came the evening they still did not see the lost Justiniana to conclude the evening was still Jose to find his wife. Late the night of his arrival in Cab-ilan with the dismal news that was missing to the wife.

The new born child in order to survive was circulating to suck those only mothers with milk to fill. There was scarcity of processed milk at the store as far Surigao which vendors answer to their needs.

That early morning Jose told some brave men in Cab-ilan that he himself will lead the search for his lost wife. Several times he called again the efficacy friends to help him find his wife. But like the first time since the conception of the youngest child, never show him the spiritual friends even in his dreams or visions of Jose never show signs that he helped his problems. He had no longer power from the spiritual friends, and they recalled his borrowed wisdom.

The loss of power that he had, and the passing of the efficacy friend who gave him the unique ability to heal, formed in his mind that one ordinary person who used the efficacy for helping people who need his help.

Now that he needed help and no longer had the necessary knowledge for solving them, and could not show him the efficacy friend to help him, Jose humility to accept all and the only thing he did was thanksgiving to Almighty the trials that had invaded him and his family.

Despite the events that he did not understand the things he knows nothing about, Jose gave his whole heart the right height to provide the solution to every problem and bonds in their lives.

It was happened in seven (7) days and seven (7) nights getting his wife. Even little weary of himself he did not see the wife after the sudden decline. Pulled out his faith and hope that one day they meet again with his beloved wife.

The Mystery on the Seventh Day

Corresponds to the seventh day of his journey, carrying the new born son Jose came home in Puyange to see what their state of residence. About 4:00 in the afternoon of their arrival, there was a bright and charming sight Puyange like a paradise.

The rays of the dying sun spread over the lying island of Lalaking Bukid floating upon the crystal-like sea and played game of seagulls. The light fell upon the white sand and bright green plants and trees.

As wonderful as the scene but could not overcome the stubborn heart of Jose who rolled in trouble. As a power magnetized him to the top of the hill of Puyange where was their field, Jose carrying the child climbed the steep hill.

Not far from their sockets, so the total width of the field. See also Melgar Bay waters and Surigao Strait surrounding small islands of Unib (Lalaking Bukid), Rizal, Catadman small and Catadman Great, Sumilom, Cab-ilan, dwell and far over the island of Leyte and great land Mindanao.

In the middle of the field was the massive rock that was entwined with huge vines and fig trees that adds interest to enthusiasts who enjoy the beauty of nature. The rock formation was so huge and high elevation which is hard to come upon it if you want to climb. It is wide and the top of it, and if they reach so the overall beauty of Puyange.

Jose came nearer approaching the location of the rock in the middle of the field, and also discerns the strangler fig tree that covers great. Jose reflected as a woman rested on a rock.

He accelerated his foot while holding the child for his interest to know who this woman to rise atop of the rock. Want to know who she is and what her purpose why she climbed great that would have been difficult this to climb.

They grew closer to rock while also increasing clarity the woman he saw. Jose got nervous as he saw a woman sitting on the rock. He almost ran quickly coming to know this woman resting on a rock.

Then he came out of the rock, and he became apparent the woman who gave him a puzzle. And very clear that the appearance of the woman, and like his heart stabbed with knife pain, shed his tears, and he wept like a child crying that the woman had been seen on the rock was Justiniana, the mysterious young mother who disappeared in an instant in the rocks of the Cab-ilan seven (7) days and seven (7) nights and now he found upon this rock.

It was difficult to climd the granite stone entwined with and fig trees, but because of stress to get the wife came to Jose and the child that causes the mystery that came into their lives upon the rock.

Now, after seven (7) days and seven (7) nights Jose’s search for the lost wife is in his presence, setting down on the rock while facing the setting sun in the Lalaking Bukid. Empty the looks and clothes that were filled with dried blood from maternal birth.

Justiniana ignored their arrival, as she did not see Jose who filled with tears in his eyes and the child he carried crying, either from hunger? Her mind is blank just like a lifeless statue.

The wind blew in the breeze and ruffled humble bearing of Justiniana. Her hair caught scenic air as she looks toward the setting sun in the evening.

In a trembling voice, Jose called his beloved wife come together and then patted the head and combed her hair gently. As Jose tears ran about making great mercy gazing his wife.

Jose could not help the feeling of releasing a loud cry together again in the name of his wife. In the second call of Jose to his wife, Justiniana awakened from deep sleep. She surveys the source of the voice to her. She turned and saw her husband crying gazing at her.

Justiniana stood firmly and embraced the spouse and let the feelings of distress in their chest. Wept much favor the couple went wrong in their lives. They satisfied themselves to bring feelings of pity, loneliness and pain so that even in their dreams they did not expect to come this nightmare and mysteries in their lives.

Broke the heart throb meeting with the mother and father of a mighty cry of their son Jose took his arm. They aroused from limbo to imagine that at the same time they realize that they are on the rock in the midst of their field in Puyange. In such a fascinating situation the couple met with their son after she disappeared in Cab-ilan not and should never happen.

But there are the truths behind the mysteries that they did not understand. They are under the power of the confusion that overcame their human capacity to interpret the problem and chains of mysteries to their faculties.

“Whose child, Jose?” asked the wife.

“He is your son … our child, Justi,” said Jose.

“Do not you remember? He is a child born in the Cab-ilan, and then your left, “added Jose’s response.

“What do you mean, Jose? For what had happened and why are we here on the rock?” serious question of the wife.

“Seven days and seven nights after the birth of this child, you feel lost consciousness because of the great pain you feel. And then when you returned consciousness, you lost the sanity and took off running, and yet almost stepping on this child. Ran down the hill and suddenly disappeared, until we saw here on these great stones on our farm in Puyange.”

“So pitiful is our son, Jose. Son, why we tortured like this,” Justiniana’s trembling lips embraced with great compassion to the child. “He was just, but he suffered pain and suffering.”

“Why are you here on the rock, Justi? How did you come here while you lost in Cab-ilan?” Jose asked curiously to his wife. “Who brought you here?”

“I do not know, Jose. I know that I have here in our place, and I do not know how I reached this place. I do not remember the birth especially that I do not know why I came here in Puyange, “explaining Justiniana to mate.

“I do not understand the mystery that happned in our lives. I could not imagine what the Almighty wanted to us. All the mystery that our ordeal began only when you conceived this child,” said Jose.


They struggled to come down from the rock with the puzzle that they would not be forgotten for the rest of their lives. Despite the unfathomable trials still prevails the love and joy of the family that they were still in the end.

But still, the mystery stains that bound them gradually erased by the joy that was. For the couple, they are entrusting everything to God in heaven and the events due to biases of the Almighty.

They returned Cab-ilan as nothing happened to them. No one knows where Jose found the wife on the rock in their field in Puyange. The mystery that they witnessed remains hidden to the relatives and the people around in Cab-ilan where only memory of the unforgotten history of mystery of the birth of the child, Ruben. Justiniana and the rest of the family returned to its normal way of life.

The Prophecy and the Covenant

That night in Cab-ilan, Jose wanted to fish because he wanted to give hot fish soup his wife to recover her from the day’s loss Justiniana or eating and should be given a fresh and delicious food to return with her the stamina.

He pushed the canoe that was to carry him for fishing with the use of lights, hooks, nabbed and other belongings, including the little food for him.

He was on the shore and he was ready to sail to sea but he suddenly felt much sleep. He wanted to overcome his feelings prevailed because his desire to get the fish can feed his wife.

Joseph was brought down to sleep in limbo. The exhausted body lays on the white sand by the earnestness found the wife for a few days. She broke down and felt seated with his body in the cool sand.

For some time his sleep on the beach. He did not notice the music played by the scenic little waves from the sea which broke his exhausted body which increasingly wet due to High Tide Sea.


An elderly man suddenly appeared in his place. A mysterious old man was gazing at Jose and said, “Jose! You’re so pitiful. You earned distress on the body to find your wife and consider the welfare of your family. ”

“Jose! Jose! Wake up, Jose,” provoking the elderly to Jose.

Jose was awakened for appeal of an elderly person. He looks around and surveys the source of a powerful voice that woke him.

He saw himself drizzling with sea water. He got up and said to him, “then I fell asleep! I never broke my sleep. Maybe because I was so exhausted and tired of how many days and nights to find my wife. But who is the voice that woke me up?”

Jose returned to explore around his eyes he could see the owner of the voice that woke him up. And the sudden burst in his presence an old man which he did not know if anyone, he did not know where from and where, and especially that he did not know what the purpose was to him.

“Who are you?” asked Jose filled with wonder while he gets himself to stand from the sandy shore.

“… What do you want of me,” Jose asked to the old man.

“You do not need to know me, Jose. I know that you were puzzled by what happened to you and your wife ever conceived until your son is born. Suddenly you lost power and also suddenly lost your communication from your spiritual friends that always give you the guidance and power. You do not know what you should do. And you do not understand the suffering of your wife while she was pregnant until she bore the male child especially the mystery of his releases and the mystery of your meeting, “said the strange old man to him.

“Who are you and why do you know my life and my family?” Jose added question.

“There is no hidden from us, Jose. We are always at your side. Each time Justiniana feel the pain in her stomach that we take her to her craving. While she was on the state of mentally-ill after the birth, we took her to Puyange seven days and seven nights and we were treated her until her recuperation from insanity,” further explain the mysterious old man.

Jose heared the revelation of the old man and he prayed for himself in humility to the spiritual beings of giving and helping his wife and the child.

“Do you know Jose why suddenly lost the power you hold? And do you know who the owner of the power you hold? And who commanded the spirit to help you and guide of things that we can do?” asked the old man full of mystery.

Jose felt the power of the words uttered from the mouth of the elderly. The unfathomable mysteries involving spirits and the elderly who are in his presence explained the events that gave him so much confusion.

“Who is he?” asked Jose.

“Blessed are you, Jose! Because from your blood and your flesh a great child was born,” reveals the elderly.

“What do you mean about the child? And how my son involved the mystery that has happened to us?” Jose asked seriously.

“Your son is the owner of the power that you hold, Jose. From whom are all things that you and your ability to heal. He ordered the spirit in you and help your healing work, and he also ordered that they turn on you,” said the old man.

“We know that you astonished the state of your wife in her conception and birth especially in her mysterious disappearance. We took her in Puyange that in our treatment. Cherish and treasure that boy, Jose because there will come a day when he will be praised, respected and recognized by the people. Note that I have spoken to you on that hill of Puyange then build his kingdom. And he will reside with his chosen people that he will recognize them as members of his family. Note Jose,” expression was in him.


More would have wanted Jose’s reference to the elderly but soon the old man disappeared suddenly in his sight handed meaningful words in his mind and in his heart. Well looked Jose the presence of old man the prophecies resigned on the mouth of the old man about him, and he imagines the unfathomable mystery of his life came.

Jose would overcome the problem that racked his faculties. He rose to pursue his desire to fish so that he had fresh fish for his wife. But when he attempted to push the small canoe, he found in the hold of the canoe so many classes of fresh fish that nearly filled the canoe.

Jose asked himself where the fish come from. He heard the voice of the old man echoed on the shore, saying, and “Take the fish Jose. You can have it. Take and give it to your wife. Once again remember my COVENANT with you. Cherish and treasure your child.”

Jose returned to the house of Bencio with fish. He was happy that the usual course of his family. The mystery that he had learned from the SPIRITS he kept and preserved after careful youngest son.

Author's Quote

“It is not a man who chooses his God because God is only one, but it is God who chooses his people according to his will and be recognize as members of his family.”


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