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 Life itself is a mystery. The world we live in, the solar system, the galaxy, the Milky Way and even the whole universe and its evolution is really a mystery. Man on his ultimate perception of matter and its environment has coasted to multi-faceted perspective, views, opinion and logical thinking, and establish dimensional approaches to fathom and open portals for a deeper understanding.

Science and bible are oftentimes parallel, and seldom conclusions have met to one and common understanding of facts and belief. The theory of evolution by Charles Darwin for example reflects the origin of man who comes from the ape, which understanding is different and opposite of that scripture written in the Book of Genesis in the Bible titled, the Creation of the World that God created the world, the heavens, the sun and the stars, the land and seas, plants, trees, fish, animals and all living things. He created man in his own image, Adam, and from his rib and flesh, God also created Eve, and they were the first parents of mankind.

Why Mysteries and Miracles

The common understandings of certain thing or event that had happened and witnessed through senses when beyond human intellect, knowledge, experience is inadequate to comprehend are so-called mysteries and miracles.

The pillars of fire and the Mystery of Red Sea for example written in the Book of Moses in Exodus when Moses save the people of God – the Israelites – from the bandage of cruelty of the Great Pharaoh of Egypt, the Resurrection of Christ after his death, are concrete evidences of mysteries which thousands to millions of people around the world believed in the existence of God.

Islam believers, Buddhists, Christians, Zionists, Judaists,  and other religion sympathizers believe on one God, the Creator of all, visible and invisible things. Perhaps, it may vary through races, practices and sobriety but it embraces to one powerful God, the Almighty. All of the afore-cited believers of different dimension of beliefs are also believers of mysteries and miracles done by their respective gods or goddesses, even the miraculous acts of the apostles of Christ.

Science and religion

While religions are scattered throughout the world, science enthusiasts bring changes and developments to the society. In depth study and research have been conducted to give support to life and give more meaning on the existence of man and its environment.


Great men excel on its field of knowledge. History, medicine, information technology, education, arts, engineering, agriculture, business, astronomy, archeology, politics, fashion and other state-of-the-art inventions, discoveries and other field of study are great achievements of men which relates to life and its survival, its effect in the society and environment,  and having great achievement of men in exploring possibilities out from this wanton world and out from nature.

Historically, our forefathers who belong to Stone Age generation had discovered tools and weapons out from stone for their survival from the fetish. But how they survived is a manifestation on how they believe to the unseen beings, and probably how they knew their relationship with their gods through worship. Their strength and power come from their gods, from the UNSEEN and from the SPIRITS.

Gods in Early Civilization

Sun God RA in early civilization of Egypt played a vital role in the life of the people who believe that power, knowledge, ability, health, strength, grace, fortune, victory, happiness and other essentials are precious gifts that God bestowed to man. Great pyramid is one of the masterpieces of great men in Egypt like Pythagoras and others who excel in their field of study: medicine, history, engineering, agriculture, military, etc.

In Greek Mythology, gods and goddesses of Olympus are the center of life of the people. They believe that Zeus is God, the father, who ruled the world, the heavens, and the universe. Gods and goddesses like Venus, the goddess of beauty, only represent to a certain aspect. But people in early civilization of Greece and in the continent of Europe and even in Asia brought this belief to their everyday life until the ministry of Jesus, the Son of Joseph from Nazareth, and proclaimed himself as the Son of God which changes people’s SPIRITUAL PERSPECTIVE.

The Chronology of the Christian Era

Jesus Christ (between 8 and 4 bc-ad 29?), the central figure of Christianity, born in Bethlehem in Judea. The chronology of the Christian era is reckoned from a 6th-century dating of the year of his birth, which is now recognized as being from four to eight years in error. Christians traditionally regard Jesus as the incarnate Son of God, and as having been divinely conceived by Mary, the wife of Joseph, a carpenter of Nazareth. The name Jesus is derived from a Greek rendering of the Hebrew name Joshua, or in full Yehoshuah (Yahweh is deliverance). The title Christ is derived from the Greek christos, a translation of the Hebrew mashiakh (anointed one), or Messiah. “Christ” was used by Jesus’ early followers, who regarded him as the promised deliverer of Israel and later was made part of Jesus’ proper name by the church, which regards him as the redeemer of all humanity.

Jesus, accompanied by his 12 chosen disciples, travelled to neighboring towns and villages, proclaiming the advent of the kingdom of God, as had many of the Hebrew prophets before him. When the sick and infirm asked help from him, he sought to heal them by divine power. He stressed the infinite love of God for the humble and weak, and he promised pardon and eternal life in heaven to the most hardened sinners, provided their repentance was sincere.

According to John, his discourses and the miracles he performed at this time—particularly the raising of Lazarus in Bethany (John 11:1-44)—made many people believe in him (John 11:45). The most significant moment in Jesus’ public ministry, however, was Simon Peter’s realization at Caesarea Philippi that Jesus was the Christ (Matthew 16:16; Mark 8:29; Luke 9:20), although, according to the synoptic Gospels, Jesus had not previously revealed this to Peter or the other disciples. This revelation and the subsequent prediction by Jesus of his death and resurrection, the conditions of discipleship that he laid down, and his transfiguration (at which time a voice from heaven was heard proclaiming Jesus to be the Son of God, thus confirming the revelation) are the primary authority for the claims and historical work of the Christian church. (Explicit authorization by Jesus is recorded in Matthew 16:17-19.)

The historical work of the Christian Church claims that Jesus is the Son of God, performed miracles particularly the raising of Lazarus, and the mystery on Jesus resurrection and transfiguration. The healing power of Jesus transfers to his disciples and apostles, and later proclaimed Saints by Pope under the Roman Catholic Religion.

Though this epic story of religious war against opposite Christian belief, doctrine, philosophy and government is handed from pre-historic time down to this present generation, this mystical power is still visible to leaders e.g. Joan of Arc, the Christian Crusaders, the Rising Miracle of South Africa by Mandela, even the restoration of democracy in the Philippines through People Power by President Corazon C. Aquino, and other miracles and mysteries done by spiritual leaders in the world.

Why Miracles and Mysteries Happened

Not only happened to Christian believers, since time immemorial miracles and mysteries also happened to almost people around the world. These things and events happened unknown to human understanding are called mysteries and miracles. Is it a myth, a fact, a fiction or just a coincidence? And why it happened?

Do the mystery of the beginning of the sun, planet and stars, the moon, the Milky Way, the galaxy and the whole universe came from a BIG BANG according to the theory of evolution? Do the mysteries of the creation of the world is just a coincidence or a cosmic phenomenon that everything is already there? When we say God created the world, how does God created these things? Does he have engineers, architects, designers, mathematicians, scientists, physicists, and other brilliant minds to create all these things? How long does it last, and where did he get materials for building this huge universe?

Life is really a mystery. Do we see life, power, force, energy, the voice and air? Yes we cannot, but we can feel it, and affirmed to its effect. How life was created and formed is unknown to human understanding, and yet varying interpretation to this effect is an utmost comprehension of men depending on their level of thinking, experience, knowledge, belief, status in life, and affiliation to a group, organization or society where they belong.

The Hiatus

The Modern Day world soars high to its sophisticated technology known as the “The Gadget Era”. Computer technology plays a vital role in a day to day activity of the people: business, communication and information through internet, medicine, military, astronomical research, weather forecast, education, history, law and government information system, scientific experimentation and other discoveries and inventions that help the life support system of the people and its environment.

Perhaps, man attains to its highest level of technological advancement through the utilization of God’s perfect creation of matter and energy: Light, Air, Water and Soil (LAWS of Nature) in order to survive, there is still a MISSING LINK between MATERIAL and SPIRITUAL WORLD which even the most sophisticated gadgets and tools could not surpass nor the highest intelligence of man could not really fathom the deepness of its existence known as MIRACLES and MYSTERIES. This GAP IN BETWEEN MATERIAL WORLD and SPIRITUAL WORLD are called the HIATUS.

The Spiritual World

In John, chapter I verse 1, “In the beginning was the WORD, and the WORD was with God, and the WORD was GOD.” Genesis chapter I verse 1-2, “In the beginning God created heavens and the earth. The earth was without form, and void; and darkness was on the deep. And the Spirit of God was hovering over the face of the waters.”

“Then God said, “Let Us make man in Our image, according to Our likeness; let them have dominion over the fish of the sea, over the birds of the air, and over the cattle, over all the earth and over every creeping thing that creeps on the earth.” Genesis chapter I, verse 26.

John talked about the WORD, the Divine Word, and the word of God because the Word was God. The word is invisible, and God is invisible, and therefore GOD is SPIRIT. He made heavens and earth through His DIVINE WORD and everything HE wishes is made and realized. Before the creation there is and there was SPIRITUAL WORLD where GOD and SPIRITUAL BEINGS resided. This SPIRITUAL WORLD is governed by GOD, by SPIRITS, who control the order and evolution of its creation. This spiritual world is beyond the powers and limitations of human beings who are subject to the LAW OF NATURE.

How God dwells with His Creation

Genesis chapter I, verse 27, “So God created man in His own image, in the image of God He created him; male and female He created them.”

God made man, male and female according to His likeness. But His creation has no life to till the ground. And the Lord God formed man of the dust of the ground, and breathe into his nostrils the breath of life; and man became a living being.

Man was formed from the dust of the ground; but he has no life. God gave breathe of life, the spirit, and man became a living being. Without breathe of life, the spirit from God, man has no life.

God put laws to its creation; the man, the plants, and every creeping creature, the birds and all living things, heaven and earth has its order and evolution – the law of nature.

He dwelt with His first creation, Adam and Eve, to prohibit them from eating the fruit of the Forbidden Tree, the Tree of Knowledge, in the Garden of Eden. But the serpent that has superior knowledge over His creations tempted them to eat, and they choose from eating and instantly they felt ashamed to the Lord because they saw themselves naked.

God had given man and woman freedom of choice, to choose what is evil and good. And because they were conscious to know the knowledge of what God was not disclosed to them, they choose to eat the fruit of the Tree of Knowledge even if they violated the Commandment of the Lord.

Man multiplies by sin, and they fled from the Garden of Eden and lived in the open world, full of repentance, and full of desire to live according to the will of God. But perhaps God loved the world and His creation, He forgave the first couple and their families, but they have to live through hard labor and endeavor, toil the land, plant for food and utilize the world and its environment for their living.

 God Interacts Children of Man

Adam’s siblings have inter-marriage with children of man in an open-world after they were out from the Garden of Eden as punishment of God’s Law for violating to eat the Fruit of the Tree of Knowledge.

Even man committed sin; God interacted to His creations and their siblings through His spiritual communications. He oftentimes gave messages to His trustee, to remind him and his family that there is God, the Creator. That he must render great obedience to the Lord and follow His commandments.

From Adam, the spiritual communications with God was entrusted to the next spiritual leaders. Now it came to pass, when men began to multiply on the face of the earth, and daughters were to them. Then the Lord saw that the wickedness of man was great in the earth, and that every intent of the thoughts of his heart was only evil continually.

To Noah, who had found grace in the eyes of the Lord, perfect in his generations and walking with God was his greatest gift. God said to him, “The end of all flesh has come before Me, for the earth is filled with violence through them; and behold, I will destroy them with the earth.”

All creatures and living things on earth including giants were vanished in the earth except Noah, his family, birds, animals and other creatures which God permitted them to enter into the arc. God’s plan was to clean the world through water.

The Temple of the Spirit of God

Genesis 6:3 “And the Lord said, “My spirit shall not strive with man forever, for he is indeed flesh…”

From Adam to the genealogy of the sons of Noah: Shem, Ham and Japheth. And sons were born to them after the flood.

To Abraham, to his sons Jacob and Isaac, to the sons of Israel, to Moses, God bequeathed His power to the descendants of His creations to perpetuate God’s plan and His existence.

As the temple of the Spirit of God, God selected from the siblings of His creation to be his DIVINE BODY to perpetuate His plan and manifested that there is God, the Creator. To abide his commandments and behold the essence of righteousness in the service to humanity is the great mission of his existence to the world.

God made flesh and dwelt with His people. To Moses, who commissioned to save the sons and daughters of Israel from the hands of the Great Pharaoh of Egypt, was so extraordinary to Egyptians, and even to Israelites who became slaves for number of years was impossible for Moses to accomplish his mission.

The Power Struggle

Showing mysteries and miracles to Pharaoh to prove God’s plan to save the lives of Israelites from the bandage of slavery was a great test of leadership for Moses to convince the Great Egyptian Ruler. But instead a power struggle between Pharaoh’s finest magicians and sorcerers was so intense where God’s power reigns supreme.

Moses brought people of God across Red Sea, then to Mt. Sinai and to Jericho, the Land of Promise, for forty (40) years. To Israelites who lost their faith, trust and confidence to God, Moses had many times inculcated into their hearts and minds to follow the Ten Commandments of God.

God, the Righteous Ruler

God itself is the righteous ruler. He is the embodiment of purity, sanctity and holiness. He doesn’t allow wickedness of man to rule over the earth, to destroy His creation, and ruin the destiny of man, and He doesn’t allow the power of evil spirit to dominate the heart, mind and flesh of man.

God is the vacuum of the present, the effect of every government; He is omnipotent and yet He is the omnipresent. He is equal to every inch of the world. As time evolves, God chooses man to represent Himself and perform His plan for humanity.

He chooses King David to rule Israel; to King Solomon and the rest of descendants of God. To prophets who prophesized the later coming of the Son of God, Jesus of Nazareth, are part of the great mysterious plan of God on earth. Spreading the gospel of righteousness was his eminent vision for man to abreast His Godly purpose because He love His creation, and He wanted everyone to recognize Him, to praise His worthiness, to love Him above all, and follow His commandments.

Jesus, the Son of God

God sent angel (spirit) to Martha, the wife of Zacarias, the high priest of tabernacle, to inform that she will be conceiving a boy named, John the Baptize. Martha, the cousin of Mary, was at her older age to bear a child; but it was God’s plan for John the Baptize to tell the people of Jerusalem that the Son of God will be coming.

An angel appeared before Virgin Mary and told her about God’s plan. Virgin Mary at her younger age was conceived Jesus, the Son of God. Joseph, Mary’s husband, knew about God’s plan to send His begotten son, Jesus, to save mankind from sins. Wise men also knew about the birth of the Savior.

God saw the wickedness of man on earth and He wanted to save the world through His Son, Jesus Christ. The prophecy of the coming of Jesus Christ before his birth was known to high priests of churches, wise men, and prophets like John the Baptist who keep on telling the people about His coming to save mankind.

Through his fortune tellers, prophets and high priests, King Herod of Judea knew about the birth of the king. He ordered his soldiers to kill all pregnant women in Judea.

From Nazareth, Joseph and Mary fled to Bethlehem where Jesus was born at the manger. Baltazar, Gaspar and Melchor, the three (3) wise men were there to witness the birth of the King.

Jesus Ministry

33 A.D., Jesus, accompanied by his 12 chosen disciples, started His full ministry in Jerusalem, travelled to neighboring towns and villages, proclaiming the advent of the kingdom of God, as had many of the Hebrew prophets before him. When the sick and infirm asked help from him, he sought to heal them by divine power. He stressed the infinite love of God for the humble and weak, and he promised pardon and eternal life in heaven to the most hardened sinners, provided their repentance was sincere.


Jesus ministry was become popular in Jerusalem. Performing miracles like healing the blind and the raising of Lazarus were among of his prestigious missionary works that twisted the religious perspective of his followers. That within himself was the divine power from God.

Christian believers were increasing in numbers which took to the attention of church leaders, high priests and to authorities the ministry of Jesus which created controversy in the Jewish society.

At the garden of Gethsemane after the last supper, Jewish authorities captured Jesus and brought to Jewish Court where He faced charges filed by Judaist high priests, Anas and Caiphas, for rebellion for organizing David’s descendants for uprising, for proclaiming himself as the Jewish King, for destroying the temple and within three (3) days He will built it again, for deceiving the people and illegal practice of medicine.

Jesus was finally decided culprit by Governor Ponce Pilate of Judea before the Jews, and sentenced to death by crucifying Him at Golgotha. Spiritually, Jesus save the world, He saved humanity for He loved the world, He loved humanity from Almighty God’s punishment.

His death signifies love to humanity. The revelation and the subsequent prediction by Jesus of his death and resurrection, the conditions of discipleship that he laid down, and his transfiguration (at which time a voice from heaven was heard proclaiming Jesus to be the Son of God, thus confirming the revelation) are the manifestation of God’s plan, of God’s love to His people and that in exchange of this unequivocal love is the passion of His begotten Son, Jesus Christ.

The Second Coming of Christ

Second Coming, also Parousia, return of Jesus Christ in visible form to earth. On the basis of certain sayings of Jesus, the early church expected that within a comparatively short period after the ascension he would come again and usher in the full glory of the messianic age (see Matthew 24:29-31; Mark 13:24-27; Luke 21:25-28). As the years passed, many leaders of the church came to feel that the true meaning of Jesus’ words and realization of his promises were to be found in the spiritual life rather than in an earthly kingdom.

In later times the doctrine of Christ’s return has been held in one of two forms: the first, that it will be premillennial, that is, before the age of the great prosperity and triumph of the church; or the second, that it will be postmillennial—after this age and immediately before the general judgment. The first view is based on certain interpretations of Scripture, particularly Revelation 20:4-7. It is supported by the belief that the present DIVINE ORDER does not contain the means necessary to bring the world to Christ. Thus, it will be necessary that Christ himself returns to Earth in order to rule.


The Alpha and Omega

In Revelation 22:13 God said to John, “I am the Alpha and the Omega, the Beginning and the End, the First and Last.” God portrayed the coming of the child who was to rule all nations with a rod of iron in Revelation 12: 1-5, “Now a great sign appeared in heaven: a woman clothed with the sun, with the moon under her feet, and on her head a garland of twelve stars. 2 Then being with the child, she cried out in labor and in pain to give birth. 3 And another sign appeared in heaven: behold a great, fiery red dragon seven heads and ten horns, and seven diadems on his heads. 4 His tail drew a third of the stars of heaven and threw them to the earth. And the dragon stood before the woman who was ready to give birth, to devour her Child as soon as it was born. 5 She was bore a male Child who was to rule all nations with a rod of iron. And her Child was caught up to God and His throne.”

The Rubenian Era

The life of the late Mayor Ruben Edera Ecleo, Sr. in the Municipality of Dinagat, part of the Province of Surigao del Norte, and now part of the Province of Dinagat Islands, the Mystical Islands – Province of Love, the 80th Province of the Republic of the Philippines was a great phenomenon which confuses the mind of thousands of people from all walks of life. The perplexing events of his life and times had created multi-faceted interpretations and different views and perspectives that intertwine with mysteries and miracles.

It was then that within himself is a HIDDEN TREASURE which people wanted to dig on it, and wanted to know about his teachings, doctrine, philosophy and missionary works sanctified by his missioners in the prestigious and sacred association the Philippine Benevolent Missionaries Association, Incorporated (PBMA, Inc.), and because of purity, sanctity and divinity, he was respected and called as “DIVINE MASTER” by his people.

The “UNSEEN BEINGS” known as the MEMBERS OF THE WORLD SPIRITUAL DIVISION namely: Dr. Hugh Tovar, Capt. Caple Jurry and Gen. Lolo Adriano dela Concepcion are the SPIRITUAL BEINGS behind these extraordinary undertakings unfathomable to the highest comprehension of man that can only be seen in a single body of Divine Master Ruben Edera Ecleo, Sr. Those spirits that inserted into his body can be distinguished through the changes of his face, personality, character, behavior as well as his language.

But the source of power he had and the strong spiritual foundation of his dream and aspiration which he aimed to achieve are those coming from the Spiritual World underneath Dinagat Islands, Cab-ilan Island (his birthplace) and Puyange, now San Jose, Dinagat Islands, Philippines. All these untold mysterious events which are interrelated with his life are gradually revealed under the will and authority of Divine Master.

Ruben shares his power to missioners to heal material and spiritual sickness. His philosophy of righteousness and discipline, to obey and follow the DIVINE ORDER, of the government and of the association with the essence of DIVINE GOVERNANCE, brought him to the epitome of success and spangled him as “The South Mysterious Superstar”.

Author's Quote

“It is not a man who chooses his God because God is only one, but it is God who chooses his people according to his will and be recognize as members of his family.”


"Tell the world about Divine Master Ruben E. Ecleo Sr."


"A mystical website of the book to ponder titled, The Miracle of the South – The Life and Times of Divine Master Ruben Edera Ecleo, Sr., a phenominal character, a public figure somewhere in the far east, south of the Philippines, Dinagat Islands, whose life is clothed with mysteries and miracles"