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Miracle in Agusan: Ben Isay Ngipon (Ruben Edera Ecleo, Sr.)

In 1947, Ben Isay Ngipon (Ruben Edera Ecleo, Sr.) running to 13 years old continued in his mission to land in Mindanao, the so-called Land of Promise. The impact of the mission assigned to him from the Members of the Spiritual Division provides a variety of pursuits, discussion, problem and perspective whose life was bound to question even his relatives and the people of Dinagat Islands and Puyange where he lived – an unaware.

Even those who involved him saw and tasted of his power, not simply erase the signs engraved on their hearts, but doubt the truth and they never knew their simple minds, and enough they only explain witnessed miracles, and the interpretation thereof will not be joining in the wisdom of men of modern science and human knowledge.

You cannot compare the wonderful things he has done to the high knowledge intensity of ordinary people. He was on mission in various places while he was in his residence in Puyange together with his known parents and brothers and sisters, and also attending various schools while he went out and healed the sick man.

He came to the town of Buenavista, belonging to the province of Agusan and a witness to his mission was Vicenta L. Rufila, a teacher in the Catholic Religion in the town of Nasipit, also part of Agusan. Vicenta was interviewed by the author to tell the story of their association with Ben Isay Ngipon while the latter performs healing mission in Buenavista.

Under the power to confirm, Vicenta also explained the work of Ben Isay Ngipon and the miracles that happened that she personally witnessed while she was joined by Ben Isay Ngipon’s mission in Agusan. The testimony of Vicenta is only explaining the truth about a child who performed miracles.

The meeting of Vicenta F. Rufila and Ben Isay Ngipon happened one day of the year in 1947 when Vicenta sought a physician that treated the mother who is very sick.  The long-suffering of Vicenta’s mother took her to the hospital, and treated it with great doctors and specialists in the disease. It is undeniable that big amount of money they spend to look good ailing mother, and yet almost all the wealth and riches of the spending on the disease.

But all their efforts to get sick mother in futility and it never healed. But more and more she felt ill and just waiting for the call from the above to return her life to the Lord. Vicenta almost lost her hope about the mother’s health condition in the hospital, and decided to discharge and brought her back to home and there she’s waiting for her last breath.

Vicenta stopped giving material medicine and treatment to her mother, and sought spiritual healer, quack doctors and others with the ability to heal. Chinese Tomas is a great healer in Agong-ong, Buenavista, Agusan. Vicenta tried the treatment of the mother to the known healer in Buenavista.

There, they stay at Chinese Tomas house for several days purposely recovering the mother. But in that time Vicenta had found no sign of recovery and she had noted that the said healer deceived her and got all her money, and aggravated the health situation of Vicenta’s mother.

In such a deplorable condition, Vicenta never lost hope and never surrender to find solution to her mother’s health condition. She asked God’s power for her mother’s recuperation. One day as she has just to find a physician, she met her friend and greets about her mother’s condition. Vicenta answered to her friend that her mother is still suffered from acute tuberculosis and it is still under the treatment of a certain witch doctor. She added that she wanted to bring her mother back home at Nasipit because it was still rather pitiful life in the hands of the healer.

The friend told Vicenta about a young healer known as Ben Isay Ngipon in the village at Barrio Kalanggaman, belonging to the said town of Buenavista. According to her friend, the said young healer arrived in the village for almost three (3) weeks. She added that many of the sick who came to him and sought his help. And, all the sick were healed of their diseases just pulled the belief that they were healed.

Vicenta upon hearing the news that his friend brought about a young physician, with friend, they immediately went to Barrio Kalanggaman. And, because of her intense interest, she did not asked permission from her mother at the witch doctor’s house to meet the great child and asked to cure her mother.

From the village Agong-ong, far-away village of Kalanggaman walks. It will take some time to reach the said village. But, for Vicenta, the distance will not hindered her away to the only place just to see the great physician, according to her friend, for the sake of her mother to be healed by the said young healer.

The village of Kalanggaman is located by the sea, where often the livelihood of the fishermen lived there. When they arrived at the village, they saw a great multitude of people who wanted to seek Ben Isay Ngipon. Children, adults and the elderly, and the variety of tribal people were there to seek treatment from the young healer.

Vicenta looked out who is really the great physician called Ben Isay Ngipon. She saw an ordinary boy surrounded by the people who are around twelve years old, rugged with dirty clothes and body, innocent ongoing and touch the head of the line to the sick. None of his countenance a physician or a healer. And his innocence, lake, barefoot feet and he’s not well enough to believe that he had the ability to heal any kind of disease.

Vicenta heard rumors of people describing the name Ben Isay Ngipon, a young healer who had only one tooth which said, he could draw and he put in another location. Was the latter that looked at the boy as ongoing treatment only by putting his hand on the head of the sick?

Two lines did Vicenta had witnessed, unlike the women’s line and another line of men. She estimated to not less than one thousand sick would cure him the only day there in the village of Kalanggaman, Buenavista, belonging to the province of Agusan.

Ben Isay Ngipon told to one patient, “You need to pray to God because you killed three people.” When the man heard what Ben Isay Ngipon said, suddenly trembled with fear. “… And you should throw away the accumulated jar containing power because they are harmful to your own conscience. You used witchcraft to hurt the other person”.

The man increased his feelings of terror, and increased the strength of the vibration of his body. He could not speak, but Vicenta saw the eyes of the man who was surprised and wondered why this innocent boy learned about his evil deeds.

Ben Isay Ngipon continued his touch healing to the sick. And when he was in front of Vicenta, he laid his hand, but the latter refused and told him that she is not sick but her mother. She asked earnestly to Ben Isay Ngipon about the illness of her mother, and she invited him to go to Agong-ong to cure her mother, who was very sick.

Vicenta took off his ring worth of forty pesos and gave to Ben. “Boy, is it just me anything as pledge to you because I have no money to give in exchange for your services”, Vicenta humble suggestion.

“Do not give it to me. Return it to wear on your finger because I did not need the wealth of this world. I need your sincere faith in the Almighty, “Ben replied.

Vicenta was stunned to hear from the boy deep and meaningful words to her. And she felt ashamed, did not think that was the answer of Ben to her. And she was even more dismayed when he called her, “Mom, you just wait for me at that coconut tree.” together she pointed the coconut tree beyond.

 Vicenta think innumerable why he called Mama. She fulfilled the words of Ben and went to the coconut tree along the shore to await the mysterious boy. The boy continued his work with the sick.

Vicenta witnessed Ben Isay Ngipon that even a cent did not ask for or accept from helping the sick behind their welfare. Many wanted to give him, but he refused. That was great things to surprise people, and things that she admired the most out of the service he rendered to them where his true purpose is human service.

Ben continued treatment until it arrived at noon from the early morning. He remained standing while ongoing to touch the head of the sick. Not escape the sight of the people who attended the chains of his works. Saw the immediate recovery of the sick; those who sincerely and perfect trust. And they also saw the gradual benefit of those people who question their faith in the work of the boy and those who attempted to measure the ability of Ben with sarcasm and ridicule did not recover from their feelings.

More additional patients came from different cities and villages looking for Ben to treatment. Preceding his name and many also enjoy the miracles from him for only a short time out of his reach. The line of people was long again and the scorching heat of the sun was ignored just come to him for treatment. Mostly of the patients are women.

A woman asked Ben what his illness. The woman said she’s from the hospital for quite some time and she doesn’t know what her illness is until she became more ill. Ben put the right hand on the woman’s head. And suddenly, Vicenta saw all the appearance of a woman. Her pain perished, and suddenly she regained her strength. Contemplate the woman herself. The former distorted in pain felt, suddenly vanished as she did not pass the disease.

Vicenta not just believe the events she saw. As she looked at Ben Isay Ngipon did was not simply erase from her memory with her refusal to let Ben healed her because the woman was healed after him. She regretted her refusal because of her fear of charge Ben and she was given.

Because of the complexity that puzzled in her human mind as he looked at Ben Isay Ngipon, Vicenta’s mind was drawn to the many questions about a boy who had done many mysteries. In his eyes, and from the core of his inner conscience sprung the question, what exactly is his real personhood”?

The great work showed by Ben Isay Ngipon to the people had created many questions similar to that of Vicenta, a teacher of catholic religion. In the depths of her mind the question, “What if he is a messenger of the Almighty in the world to help the poor who have no enough money to pay medical doctors and hospitals, or will he be the Sr. Sto. Niño, who descending on earth?”

From the morning of his work until noon arrived just still not run out of people who wanted to cure by him instead, it increases for the new arrival.

The village of Kalanggaman, which belongs to the municipality of Buenavista is quite a distance from the town proper. Therefore, as the peaceful pursuit of Ben Isay Ngipon contrary in the town of Nasipit where he was constantly harassed and put into prison by authorities and envious doctors as well as other wise men  about the nature of his work.

Since it was visible to the eye of the patients healed from their disease without corresponding payment, and the people also witnessed the miracles of healing, Ben Isay Ngipon become a great and it cannot be avoided that many people came to him to cure their ailment.

The incident did not go unnoticed in the eyes of the wise doctors, law enforcers and government leaders and lawmakers. He was arrested and put in prison for the offense healing unlawful. But despite the accusations, they simply do not have sufficient grounds or evidence in him. They couldn’t see Ben Isay Ngipon using medication from the pharmacy, and apparatus that can be seen in any hospitals, but with bare hands or wipe the saliva into the body or body parts have pain, and right away the ailment was vanished.


But the question sounded hearing people: why healed? What is it with bare hands, blow and saliva that can heal any kind of diseases like cancer, paralysis, blind, lame, dumb, deaf and others? And they healed from their disease cried with joy, saying, and miracle! Which things that are not and will never be forgotten in their whole lives.

Even the mystery remained unfathomed about his true identity, the mission of his life giving confusion of mind to those who see him and they never knew where it was just the only One who commanded him to do all these things to him the most knew who he was, and what his purpose in the world.

His residence in the village of Kalanggaman lasted a month, and during that time neither of the haunt his mission in the area. Ben Isay Ngipon lived an elderly couple, unselfishly of their acceptance to him, with full of affection and care despite their poverty. Yet they gave the coveted thing to the young healer.

As Ben, even showed affection for his adoptive couple did not put in the work at home most of all he was rewarded with love and care under the utmost reverence. He was like into a beautiful flower that wafted the smell. After his work at home, he had playing with other children in the village.

Daily at his work in the village breeds people who wanted to cure him. Those first patients did not return to the village as may be their ailments were already cured. There he missed having taken him and put him to prison because of his healing.

But at midday the same day, came the unexpected law enforcers from Butuan City to seek Ben might take. He is in the midst of his work reaching law enforcers. But none of them tried to take him as during the healing of the sick.

An accusation of a doctor in Butuan City filed in court because of his work that contradicts the law. The doctors in the city knew about his work because of the testimony of one of the patients who was healed from his ailment. And for that reason the court condemned to arrest Ben for violation of “illegal practice of medicine”.

The people were surprised of their arrival and they did not know what to do with the sudden arrival of the police authorities like to seek a criminal. The police authorities did hovering over the crowd to find the dry Ben Isay Ngipon might take.

Their eyes were focused on a boy at the center of the crowd. The police were shocked because the healer Ben Isay Ngipon assume adult, was a rugged and dirty boy. And, the law enforcers could hardly believe that contrary to their beliefs is an adult healer that was charge by the doctors in the city of Butuan for illegal practice of medicine.

But such a foolish, ignorant boy wrapped in dirty clothes and saw that even little faith it is impossible to believe that he has the ability to heal the sick man compared to the great doctors of the city.

On the other hand, Ben Isay Ngipon continued his work. He did not mind the arrival of the police even it confused the people.

To believe that just a simple boy Ben, a brave police called to say, “Hey, boy pretended to be a doctor … aha, what are you acting for? What are you doing here? Who you are, and who your parents? And whom you ask permission to medical treatment here? “

Ben stood out in practice because of the strong voice of the police. The voice echoed all around and feeling fear conquered the people in surprise. Ben stopped his work and massaged his fingers were due to sheer exhaustion he has done since the morning practice. He was surrounded by law enforcers. He bowed like a servant was reprimanded by his master, and even though he did not see the origin in a loud voice.

Also stunned the people, and in their inner feelings of compassion in Ben’s case for the police, motionless, and just waiting for what the following events and also what will be the fate of Ben in the hands of law enforcers.

“If you do not stop your foolish practice, we’ll arrest you,” emphatic words of a police officer with a warning. “It was good to put in prison,” also threatened a police officer.

They all opened sharp and harsh words to him, the sharp words that hurt the feelings of a boy who helps heartily for those in need, especially in the heart of the views and enjoy his good works.

Ben went out of her way and then walks away like a failure. His steps as he got away from the police while stunning the scorn and ridicule he gained from the stewards. His shoulders were downtrodden as he slowly stepped towards the woman waiting for him in the coconut tree. He sat down.

Vicenta, the woman who was waiting for him, looked him in sadly face and his hands in the buttock, with verbal stoned him from the charge. The police are steadfast in their mock in him. Every word resigns from their mouth so the pain stuck in the bosom of the people to be heard. The patients who have called on God to heal their pain with this mysterious boy who is about to be persecuted were felt dismayed to the actuations of the police authorities.

There was no response heard from Ben Isay Ngipon. The tears fell on his face as signs of distress that he has kept. But the sorrow for him, but not because of his compassion for the sick waiting for a miracle to annex disease that had been cherished and now they failed in their desire for these men who persecuted him because of the word of envy.

“Oh, you men who are here today, you go. For fear, however, and you absorb the pain this boy’s their right to say that doctor. See, he’s rugged and is not self-clean. Cleaner treatment, but treated much polluted and irritation has lesions on his skin, “directed by a police in uniform with sarcasm and satire.

The young healer cried out as he could. The tears and cold fall together, and every now and then he squeezed the colds and then he rubbed into his arm. And, he was also a pitiful look. Pity the patients looked at him, but just enough to hold in their anger to the officers angrily staring at them.

“Oh, see your doctor, so filthy! Oh, go ahead; you go home now, “directed by a police officer to the patients.

But the patients remained steadfast. No one followed or obeyed the orders of the police officers. Just watched the deputies and did not feel the fear of threats to them.

“If you continue to heal and to deceive the people, when we return we will shoot you,” threats to the angry leader.

A man gets to respond to the police, “Sir, my wife was sick. I was taken her to the hospital and I spent a large amount of money just to be healed. But she did not recover until she died. Our suffering in the past is exceeding, because my family also had the disease. We have no money to pay the hospital and buy medicine. Now here we are, with our earnest prayer and faith that this boy has the power, our pain suddenly disappeared. “

But he did not convince the police officer of serious statement about the real purpose of Ben Isay Ngipon. “Go back! No wonder no one go to the pharmacy, clinic and hospital because of this pretense of doctors. Hey kids, what is your truth that you are a healer? Do you have a license?”

Many more harsh words released from the police officer. From his inner compassion for the sick awaiting retrieved his spiritual medicine. He did not care where police were unable to arrest him because they did not work out for him unlawful to the government. And there they did not saw a medicine used in medication, and yet also so demanding money in exchange for services he did.

The patients never moved in their position even how the persecution and threatening the police did to Ben Isay Ngipon. There is no trace of fear appeared on their face.

Since the law enforcers chased Ben Isay Ngipon do not have nothing to arrest him, went to great anger well the failure of their carnal desires. They also traveled to fail to prevent people not to believe the hypocrisy of Ben Isay Ngipon, a fake healer, and revoked his helping people which are the demise of the sick to go to clinics, pharmacies and hospitals in Butuan city.

The people remained lonely. Fresh so the feelings of sadness because of the sharp words released to law enforcers who wanted to take the boy. They see the appearance of Ben’s sadness while still tackling sitting beside Vicenta under the coconut trees along the coast.

Vicenta felt anxiety gazing at him. Asked him later why the police on him were while he was doing no harm to them. Vicenta did not see any sins Ben had done but did not receive the money in exchange for the benefit of the sick. A great question to her why and what caused him to be arrested and put to jail.

“I do not know why,” Ben’s humble response to Vicenta. “Not bad I did to those who ask for help, and I did not ask for compensation.”

Fit Vicenta’s voice because of anxiety to him, “no heart, no compassion, no sickness, oppression! Go ahead, condemn them all. That they do not walk so as not to return! “

“Do not Ma, God teaches us to love our enemies,” stop Ben Vicenta. “Therefore, they would be caught without your sins. Even by helping other people, go ahead, “Vicenta reasoning.

But Ben firmly refused Vicenta’s suggestion to him that doeth evil against those in charge of the law that would have taken him.

“You go home all of you, they forbidden me to heal. I cannot help but follow the law,” said Ben. And very deep breathe Ben excessive mercy to those who waited for his help. But the patients did not leave their location despite the words of Ben to return to their respective homes and go forward.

Noon arrived, Ben ordered dinner they brought food. Ben called the couple who adopts him for lunch. Ben invited Vicenta to rise above the house to eat. Dinner, as Vicenta felt the shame. At dinner, the couple discussed the recent events.

Vicenta noticed whenever Ben eat these pieces and give hers. She thanked the latter the food given by Ben. He knew that the food is a cure. Ben ate two pieces and then quit and walked to the window, looked out and said to the man who was waiting for him, “You go home. You know that if I continue to heal you may be arrested and shot at police. So if you can go.”

The man did not respond to the request of Ben. However, still stubborn men in their decision to remain in their purpose to Ben. Ben saw this heartfelt prayer to him to continue his work for the sick that came from other places.

One man shouted, “Come on, we beg at your mercy. Do not worry because we are ready to protect you even death if necessary. “

And saw Ben proved truly appeal to the people to him after the truth of the sacred purpose for mankind. For them, Ben gave them the strength and courage to fight any obstacle in life; he will continue the healing to people.

Ben teased his conscience because of the great demand of the people to continue his work despite his refusal. Yet even if necessary to sacrifice their lives he will only treat the sick.

Among men, Ben Isay Ngipon gave a talk to those who listened to him. He speaks to them the essential rules of life: nice, clean look in the community and to God, the good qualities to have for keeping the right way to the kingdom of God.

At the tender age of Ben, the man who surprised his audience the wonderful lessons and guidance described in a child like him.

They did not expect Ben; the mysterious Child was also a good speaker. And impressed everyone with his sharp intellect where the story he described full of wonders. His speech was extraordinary, full of golden advice that should be followed in each one. He also mentioned the memories of their brief time together in the same place.

After his speech, Vicenta invited Ben that they go to his mother that compound. A sweet smile just the return of Ben to Vicenta. “After that I treated your mother, and now is sitting on the chest and held discussions with his colleagues,” Ben replied.

“Why, did you not? Before we go there will not you? Then, say that your mother was treated,” Vicenta question full of confusion. Just smiling Ben and he did not answer the last question. Instead, he changed the subject to forget about his mother.

On the other hand, the people remain waiting Ben when he will change for treatment, totally, their decision not to return to their respective homes until they convinced Ben. They arrived until 4:00 in the afternoon their expectation.

As Ben, he found the net near the door of the house where she was staying. And he called the man and ordered him to take the net with fish. The man he had refused, and told him he did not catch the sea. He confessed that some days the fishing but they did not get a lot of fish. He even said that they just waste of effort and time.

Because of tight excuse, Ben has taken the net and brought the sea, and spread the net. The man just looked to Ben as he did. To unload Ben’s demands to help people because he won so many fish in the net. The people were astonished on what they saw to Ben. The men rushed to help him pull the net full of fish. They struggled to pull the weight and the net.

Meanwhile, it cannot be denied the minds of people around the maze where many fish. Knows the people living there, especially the fishermen who does not have time to dry fish, and even a few days that almost no catch because of the shortage.

Simply because of their faith in Ben as ordinary child and they know that this little wonder that appeared in the area has a unique power to make things impossible for an ordinary man, this miracle they had witnessed made by Ben Isay Ngipon. Despite such a wonderful, happy people they had witnessed a miracle. Under the assumption of Vicenta, at least a thousand people were present in the village of Kalanggaman.

After the blessing Ben healed all the sick who were present, for their return to their respective homes were Ben and fish apiece two handfuls of two palms every one of them. They were happy to have returned home with memories of their life the miracles they witnessed, and the wonders that lurk in plain and young Ben Isay Ngipon’s face.


At 5:00 o’clock in early evening, the whole environment was lonesome in which the left only those living in the village of Kalanggaman. And with the rest of the house and the neighbors in the area, they enjoyed with the dinner with Ben Isay Ngipon and Vicenta.


After their meal, Ben asked for a white blanket and a flashlight. Hung by Ben the white blanket on the wall and said unto them that look like they show. He turned on the flashlight toward the white blanket. The onlookers with Vicenta not honor the words of Ben, perhaps because he says is impossible or just want to have fun as a child.

And then, it showed the appearance of saints in white blanket made scenery. Silence all, and serious scans the showing made by Ben. A few moments ended the show about the lives of the saints. Ben ordered to have novena under the direction of Vicenta. Vicenta used in prayer and songs of worship.

After the prayer she asked Ben if it correct her prayers, and answered correctly Ben and all true. Fresh so the threats issued by the police to Ben, asking the latter to sleep lest there and watched them.

Early in the morning Vicenta, because of compassion gazing to Ben Isay Ngipon who is rugged and dirty, went to the town of Buenavista and bought new clothes for him. She also said that changes and new put Ben’s clothes washed down. In Buenavista, she borrowed money from her cousin to buy new clothes for Ben.

Upon her return to the village of Kalanggaman, happy is she who brought new clothes for Ben. However, she was surprised when she was replaced because he refused to be served. Vicenta pleaded Ben to replace flakes and dirty clothing, until it agreed to dress new clothes.

Vicenta washed Ben’s worn clothes as a remembrance of their association and memory in young mysterious for the enjoyment of others. Vicenta, before she washed clothes, told Ben that his wearing dirty and also she flattered that if he wears dirty clothes she takes him to the police.

Three days Vicenta living with Ben in village of Kalanggaman, and he also told Ben about his mother, who was very sick that she left there in village of Agong-ong upon. She was worried what the condition of his mother.

Ben was so concerned about his clothes off and he sought where after Vicenta washed. Deeply concerned Ben on his coat where he might find his mother and may scold him if he happens to lose a single garment.

Vicenta while also firmly lost his excuse Ben’s coat, then she purposely lying to Ben and she hid under the pillow because she wanted to make a memories. She told the latter not only to find it because he had a new dress.

Meanwhile, Ben has never recovered from his anxiety thinking his old clothes, and he healed the search for the reason that it must find his mother and may become angry with him if it was not found.

“Ma, I found my clothes,” Ben tradition to Vicenta full of joy. “There are actually under the pillow I found.”

Vicenta wondered to herself why was found Ben as the group sought the pillow that she hid in Ben’s coat long time that it did not affect the host, and the only one pulling Ben’s got the coat immediately as the latter knows that he hid what he was looking for. Ben took the coat and handed it to wear while also returned to Vicenta newly purchased clothing.

Vicenta again remembered the mother. Was again Vicenta’s request to Ben that they go to her mother because she was concerned that the position she left in the village of Agong-ong. Vicenta failed her appeal to Ben and the latter answered her again that he already treated her mother, and that she should not be concerned about her.

Their conversation was interrupted when people came with their families. Ben brought them to shore. The cold air sucking in early ruffled new marvelous Ben wanted to show to the people. He pointed to the open sea and into the space displays the faces of the saints.


“What is that Ma,” Ben’s question to Vicenta together pointed to the clouds form like a man’s face. “Oh, the Virgin del Carmen,” Vicenta answer pleased because she saw amazing. “That Ma, who is that virgin’s name,” his next question. “Ah, that is Our Lady of Fatima Ben,” Vicenta gladly answer. Those who saw pictures of saints in the cloud were so also filled with joy. They cannot imagine the spectacle that they now see since birth.


Ben continued to ask, “So what do you see next?” “That’s Sagrada Familia,” replied the man. In the subsequent appearance of saints were: Sr. San Jose, the Virgin del Rosario and others. The people answering the question Ben’s the name of the saint that portrayed in the cloud.

Ben very pleased and laughed loudly especially if they guess the name of the saint. As others have noted that every appearance of saints in the cloud the wide ocean also moves as though the waves were also given great respect to the saints in heaven.

After the film was shown by Ben Isay Ngipon in the clouds, Ben asked for cigarettes and canned food. When he was in his hands his request, he was one be thrown into the sea and simultaneously saying that it treats colds, cough, lame, and other kinds of sickness.

For always exceeding faith in people talking about Ben is true, people scrambled into the sea including some sick so what medicine. In the minds of the people who get what medicine can be a great help to them, especially to the sick who have no money to buy medicines at the pharmacy. They paid no attention to getting their clothes only get what Ben medicine.

The other remaining canned food, a combined Ben’s slang to far might be thrown into the sea with saying that the food cure for cancer, beriberi, urinary tract infection and other forms of infectious diseases.

Struggling people, and it pleased the mysterious boy gazing them assault taking. Children, the elderly and women also participated in the water, but they were happy they did not they were having trouble getting the canned food, particularly they also played in the big waves, and deep which can be difficult to decipher. Much pleased Ben he did, while the men also very happy with the experience they enjoy with Ben Isay Ngipon.


After the ludicrous spectacle Ben returned to the couple’s house where he was staying. He sent Vicenta to write the name of the sick in the list. Vicenta felt anxiety gazing many patients who came for treatment to Ben that time. But every now and then, it could not simply erase her memory about her mother’s condition, and at the same time Ben always say that he has treated and she ought not to worry.

Despite the concerns of Vicenta, she still recovered her grief every spell of word from Ben that her mother was in good condition. Several days of their stay in the village of Kalanggaman did not persuade to tell about her mother. But it recovers the tradition of Ben to her.

But sometimes he would never inevitable to ask herself, “Do you really think that he was in the village of Agong-ong and treated her mother that he did not see Ben left the village of Kalanggaman?”

Maybe Ben showed miracles, sometimes she forgets her own mother, and she failed to return to Agong-ong. Vicenta not resisted the command of Ben her to make a list of patients. And as obedience, Vicenta asked for paper and also to Ben.

And in the eyes of Vicenta she saw Ben moved his shoulder, and the twinkling of an eye she saw a pad intermediate paper list of patients. Vicenta wondered where that paper came from, which has given to her, and recently was a paper pad. Then, Vicenta asked a pencil to fill, and up come the new pencil in his hand.

Vicenta looked at Ben. He looked it might fairy a boy because of his unique ability to get things out of the air. Just crashed sweet smile to Vicenta and then turned, while the latter was got nervous watching him.

As a special power that led her to follow the direction of Ben to write the name of the patients, she began the census, and put in place her name on the list of women. Patients who wanted to have medical with Ben were struggling to register their names. Ben told them that if anyone comes first, is the first treatment.

After the treatment, Ben invited Vicenta for lunch. But the latter did not have a desire to eat; the food in his dish was never caught. Enough for him was a bottle of Pepsi. The food in the dish he brought out of the house and called out to his feed.

Over a thousand people who had come in that day for treatment. He lined up and one of them gave the food in his dish. Like all those who gave, and they were all filled with food given to them.

Vicenta and the people around him were astonished; they found that fed Ben Isay Ngipon in a dish of food to more than one download. Exclaimed Vicenta his own mighty one can feed over a thousand in a dish of food.

Ben had the distinct pleasure shown to the people. He took a sheet of paper and then he broke it, and then he is pressing his palm. He gathered the people and set the child; the torn pieces of paper he thrown it to the air, and the paper when it reached to the soil the paper turned into money.

The people were surprise while still struggling to pick up the money. The torn pieces of paper flying into the air were turned money at the time that it touching the ground. There are five pesos each, ten pesos each, twenty pesos, Fifty pesos each, and there are also one pesos coins, fifty and twenty-five cents.

Happy the man who took the money, while on the other hand, neither measure the joy of Ben looked at the competition for money and full of joy.

Meanwhile, Vicenta was at the people struggling for money, and shown to be distinct from Ben. In her mind that Ben did a trick or magic in the eyes of people in just 24 hours and then the money will return back into a paper form.

Vicenta invited Ben to get money, but the latter refused to believe that nothing they did because the money he stole the man back to its natural form within 24 hours. Mainly because she did not take, Ben has taken the amount of fourteen pesos for Vicenta somewhat ashamed of herself into believing that they are not taken by Ben.

Very pleased the men did Ben. And the money they obtained immediately bought some food and using the self in the store. That still did Vicenta the money given to her to Ben; she bought at the store because of his faith.

Ben, on the other hand, saw a child who is five years old wandered around without pants. He called to participate in taking the money. Somewhat afraid the children may be crushed to the crowd. Ben called again the child, but firmly refused.

Because the child never module, Ben took a tree with a length and put twenty pesos on top of it. And then he stuck between the men and told them that whoever is enough money they’re going to be the owner.

Ben ordered them to use any throw money at the top of the tree. The location of the tree is too near, but many tried to throw never hit on it. Others have used stone, wood, stick and any money directed to the top of the tree stuck Ben. But wonder how they did later one of them hit the money until they prayed for Ben and never tried to keep the money.

A guitar he saw, and took and strummed it with his fingers, while partake in the middle of the people, what a great look while accompanied by beautiful music in his songs. The people were drawn to captivating and enchanting music and playing the guitar. As a magnet like heart full of love, especially the song dedicated to the heights.

Vicenta Ben approached and gave the list of names of the patients. A sweet smile Ben offered to Vicenta when he read in the name of the list. The list had put Ben to Vicenta, and continued strumming the guitar and singing for the saints in heaven.

He provided a song for Sr. San Roque, and he copied and given to the people, and he taught Vicenta how to sing.

“Senior meek San Roque

We turn to flee

Do not give up and do not forget

Do not give evil

With your help protect me

Do not give evil

Senior meek San Roque

Us not to neglect

Us not to neglect

That night, again Ben made movies with white blanket and a flash light. It went again the appearance of saints in heaven in white blankets made scenery. As somebody who watched the movie as long they respect the saints.

The next day, a man invited Ben to a patient in one place. Ben declined since the place that far behind the mountains near Lake Mainit. The man asked sincerely to bring Ben for the reason that the patient could not walk because he lost sanity.

At the request of a man finally forced Ben to go to the said patient. He said to Ben that the young insane patient cuts balite tree and from then and became severely ill until losing his sanity.

Ben said Vicenta to go to the Lake Mainit along with men and women. Vicenta had a pained heart since she first asked Ben to her compound to heal her mother but he refused to go because he already cured her mother.

There was the woman out of keeping with her wishes, as her pleaded not just go to the Lake Mainit the reason that the area off and cross the sea and feared drowned boats. But Ben forced her to accompany him on the journey. Along the journey was Mayor Moraldi of Buenavista town which was also the group of women and men who wanted to go on a journey.

One believed in the merits of Ben Isay Ngipon was Mayor Moraldi. Within a few days of treatment with Ben in the town of Buenavista he never hurt the activities of Ben especially when he saw the results of his spiritual medicine. Only one obstacle Ben in his work is the steward of the city of Butuan would take him on a charge of physicians in the city.

Aboard a motor banca, they crossed the sea to the Lake Mainit. On the way, they have the waves. There is sufficient volume flow of motor banca. A thick cluster of water lily they hit. Were the two preferential coincided with the extinction of the machine.

Terrified, Vicenta cried out loud, and she blamed Ben why she took the trip because she does not know how to swim. Ben ordered men to jump into the sea, and then hold the barges to upright and drowned. Ben hopped off and ordered to pull the boat to the shore.

Ben led to pull the pump boat to shore. Their location is  far a distance on the beach from their sockets as he dragged the boat ride the rest of the women among them was Vicenta not drawn the face of the crying out of fear.

Wondered the men pulling the boat with the mayor too easy to come by and they did not find it hard to pull. They noted that such violence in the course of a motor boat. They do not just understand why that was so fast like a car that only brought it to shore. All thanks to the Almighty that nothing happened to them on their journey. Far more to the place of the insane patient, and the boat will never be used is walking the crowd.

On their way, they passed Jabonga town, and said Vicenta to watch them race for the character of this place, because trouble makers especially if from a different place and they do not know. Ben asked Vicenta and what might cause harm and injure in Jabonga even if no offense had done to them.

Still far off they go and some fainted due to exhaustion. They get in the car past until they came to the home of the patient. Vicenta was happy to know that the welfare of the patient knew that he was from Butuan City was also Mr. Lucio Filias, a teacher who teaches in Lake Mainit.

The guests were welcomed to the host, especially Ben and Mayor Moraldi who were drizzling because of the incident at sea. They ate together, and then suddenly disturbed their meals because of the loud cry of patient who lost sanity. The patient continued his strong discussing the English language. Vicenta compassion while gazing at the fool, and urged Vicenta to Ben that this patient ends to suffer.

Ben remained steadfast on Vicenta’s suggestion, but he just stared steadily without eye twinkling to the insane, as Vicenta became only the faith with them Mayor Moraldi. While Ben staring at him, he suddenly stopped fussing and for a while then lay down and slept in his place.

The patient’s parents believe that due to fatigue is sleep and not absolute silence from several days without ceasing his annoying day and night. But suddenly his rest gave great attention to the parents which occurred only when the group of Ben Isay Ngipon and Mayor Moraldi arrived.

Things that amazed all the time he woke up fully to the return of good thinking. The insane was healed and acted like other normal people. The recovery from the madness was a great gift for the couple from enduring passion of their son where the feelings of happiness cannot be measured and abundant.

It was hardly to believe their family where it suddenly recovered and regained normal mental condition of their son. According to parent, how much they spend money only to get him cured from insanity where many great doctors and psychiatrists tried to treat him but all failed and never recover.

The parents lost their hope and they delivered him to the Almighty. And now, their son is completely cured with just a simple manner of Ben Isay Ngipon’s see healing.

Mayor Moraldi said, “It is a miracle, one focus of Ben healed immediately and lost sanity!”

Early in the morning, Vicenta asked the group to return to Buenavista. Upon their return in harmony and peace to the sea; similar to those they had passed rudely waves that cause them mishap and they broke the imagination. At that time all believe that they only tested their first sea voyage, and measured only themselves what extent the faith.

When they arrived in village of Kalanggaman, there were many people waiting for them. A beautiful young woman was mentally-ill and her mother brought her for treatment to Ben. The young insane lady was so violent and even tore up the skirt of her mother.

On the other hand, Vicenta was in and out of her faith to Ben, especially when she saw the mother of the insane daughter; and her imagination returned to her mother’s loneliness in Agong-ong village.

She repeated the farewell to Ben that she would go to her mother, and she said to be the last words if not Ben accompany her and she will return home alone.

In the end, she asked for Ben and Vicenta believes that she can carry but Ben said Vicenta’s company before the mad before they go. Very Vicenta nervousness she felt that she will be the one to heal the fool. Her heart thumping in fear, as she saw what violent that fool, and even the mother was a victim of her courage.

Even the fear of Vicenta to fool, forced herself to come in last. As a power that led her to approach the fool, Vicenta placed right ugly head fool, and then returned it to its location next to Ben.

Ben ordered Vicenta be called the insane and draw from their position as Ben said to keep Vicenta what she says. Not resist Vicenta shaking with nerves called the fool. And she called her great surprise; the girl came to lose her mental disorder. It came and sat beside him like an amiable sheep to obey his master. In the presence of men, let her sweet smile, and after that it appeared to Vicenta and freed her great laughter.

On the other hand, Vicenta have more doubts to Ben, she was more frightened especially thinking of her mother that she left a few days. He wanted to go home, but he was prevented by Ben.

For forcing Vicenta’s return to her mother, Ben decided to go with the latter because he had picked up in Barangay Rizal but he wanted to heal a jeep that would take to get there.

Wide eyes of men taught Ben jeep. The jeep that he enunciated ever dismissed the owner. But left it to its owner because of defective and worn out and was not expected to be healed. The wheels buried deeply in the ground and greatly rotten, and even if not love ‘junk shop’.

Ben old jeep corrupted, over-hauled and reconditioned. Then he went started up machine jeep. Shocked people with strong resonance machine like the new functionality. They knew those long years without use junked and suddenly the engine by Ben even if there is no water and gasoline. The hole in the roof of the jeep and he wiped up and deformed part of it.

The people around witnessed all gradually become a new jeep, well and good that the functionality of the machine. The wheels came out from being buried. He rode the jeep, swayed back and forth, and then run so fast, and he rode around the village of Kalanggaman. The people along the way he had to ride that blossomed in the jeep.

On their return Vicenta asked who drive the jeep. Ben said that he was driving the car. At the time Vicenta trembled and asked if there was anything he’s license, but excess Ben answered.

Crowded jeep was to go to Ben when they went to Barangay Rizal. Vicenta while trembling with fear full of doubt the young driver, is that while they are also ongoing and say that nothing bad would happen to them.

They came in a Chinese shop and he stopped, and he took three sacks of rice and canned food as the owner of Chinese gladly gave him without charge. After loading the jeep with food, they went until they came to the house to which the mother of Vicenta was in village of Agong-ong. Vicenta wondered why Ben knew to whom her mother that he did not go to the same place.

Came the mother of Vicenta from inside the house and met them. Ben came to her and he laid his hand and asked permission to bring Vicenta with his way. Vicenta’s mother also agreed, and was not angry why now before Ben Isay Ngipon since her departure. Ben told the mother to charge Vicenta only to send the medicine.

When they arrived in Barangay Rizal, many people are waiting for them. They preceded to the house of the couple Adiong, retired elementary teachers. A decent provision the couple prepared for them that day, and the delicious food prepared for them. But Ben did not eat the delicious food and left with eating, instead approached the piano in the hall and he played all while eating. Vicenta convinced Ben to eat.

The sick were lying in bed, husband and wife. Bearing such melancholic health situation of the oldies, the couple Adiong stayed bedridden for quite some time, and only their siblings did responsible on the caring of the olds. The couple Adiong suffered from body ailment and made them weaker as time passed by.

Ben Isay Ngipon played the piano. Marvelous did Ben play classics and foreign music. The sound of music struck into the depths of the heart of the audience. And that they were stunned when they heard the wonderful musical piece. They could not believe that an innocent child like Ben very versed play the piano.

The sound echoed through the bedroom sick couple lying in intense pain felt. The pain in the couple their long cherished, not able to walk and weak their bodies. But a miracle happened with the music aired Ben Isay Ngipon from the enchanting music of the piano which was awakened the comatose strength of two elderly.

Got two out of bed and grooming. And then, out of the room and looked for the source of the mysterious sound of the music was brought to their strength. The same rock-magnetic sound making them alive and they found the eyes of many stared at them full of wonder why that is before the sick couple from the room healthy. The two couples got even more harm and spiritual medicine from Ben, a miracle that will never be forgotten throughout their lives.

After the meal, Ben also finished playing the piano. But the story of the miracle that took place in the couple remains unfinished. An event that is not convincing but it was by Ben Isay Ngipon, and that event has witnessed by people with high positions in government.

The couple and the rest of the family Adiong expressed thanks and gratitude to Ben Isay Ngipon who rejuvenates the lives of the old couple for quite some time had been lying in bed and in just a one of its kind music healing of Ben Isay Ngipon the couple instantly woke up and walked like no sickness.

Ben encouraged going to another places for other people waiting for his spiritual services. The couples that specifically bind to Ben to eat and interact with him, especially the miracles he gave to them.

Ben refused the request of the couple because there are still many people who needed him. Back aboard wonderful jeep, all were happy they had witnessed a miracle and the experience they had with Ben.

In the airport of Barangay Rizal, the group came with Ben at the Pilapil’s residence. Mr. Pilapil has a daughter enrolled at Adamson University in Manila City. It has a lingering illness which for a long times somewhere that they spend money for treatment, even almost fail to sell their possessions to finance in order to recover the child. From the prominent hospital in Manila, but all failed because it did not recover until it returned to the house and waiting the Almighty to get her borrowed life.

Many people came to them when they arrived at Pilapil’s home. The look of the men was concentrated to Ben.

“Is that the Child mysterious Ben Isay Teeth,” questions of the curious.

Some people just want to see and experience the great healer who had performed extraordinary miracles even in its simplicity and innocence of childhood.

Ben, after spiritual treatment, had permission to fly in a six setter plane. It was like they poured with cold water when they felt from Ben leaving them to leave them. Sudden silence, and found in their respective appearances.

Never deterred Ben where he said more needed him yonder. Only changed and new clothing Ben being and how to prevent never broken his judgment. A certain man carried him and followed the man that took him to the airport. He got a small plane and the pilot of the plane is himself. He had flown the plane into the air.

Many became memories on his mission in the villages and towns in Agusan, part of the Promised Land – Mindanao, South of the Philippines that could always tell the spirit and memory of those who enjoy and witnessed the miracles which he showed to them.

Vicenta L. Rufila, a teacher of ROMAN CATHOLIC religion in the town of Buenavista, Province of Agusan, Mindanao, Philippines confirming all that she witnessed and by this author she testifies her experiences, miracles and mysteries with Ben Isay Ngipon.

The chains and care of Ben Isay Ngipon’s life remains a great mystery behind the miracles he performed. Questions when and truth of who he was?

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“It is not a man who chooses his God because God is only one, but it is God who chooses his people according to his will and be recognize as members of his family.”


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