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Bugkosan Festival and Others

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Dinagat Islands Festivals


A famous Philippine festival celebrated in the islands is the Dinagatan Festival. The occasion brings together all of the seven municipalities of the province in one yearly celebration.


This festival, also known as Bugkusan sa Isla, rekindles the rich history, arts and culture of the islands. The annual feast also celebrates tourism, trade, commerce and indusry and showcases the beauty and talent of the inhabitants.


Other minor festivals are the Banwag Festival in San Jose, Lawigan Festival in Loreto, Kinabog Festival in Tubajon and the Sirong-Sirong Festival in Cagdianao.


Dinagat Islands are often considered mystical by many who have seen their beauty.Find out more what mysteries are hidden in these islands. A provincial festival bringing together Dinagat Island’s seven municipalities. The festival celebrates the islands rich history, arts & culture, tourism, trade, commerce & industry, beauty & talent.

Bugkosan Festival Dinagat Islands

Bugkosan Festival Dinagat Islands in northeastern part of Mindanao, the 80th province in the Philippines celebrates its vast cultural resources through the "BUGKOSAN SA ISLA" Festival. "Bugkosan" originated from the word "pagbugkos" means to bind, "paghiusa" to unite, "paghugpong" to merge, "pagbug-os" to incorporate and "pagtibu" to convene. It depicts unity and cooperation among all Dinagatnons.

PBMA BANWAG Festival, San Jose.jpg

Banwag Festival

The municipality of San Jose is the Centre of trade, commerce, and tourism. In this municipality, Banwag Festival is celebrated. This Festival marks the commencement of the annual Philippines Benevolent Missionaries Association Conference, a religious gathering of the association's members from all walks of life. Members who attend the conference get to celebrate the festival by gathering in the cultural Centre of the island and lighting a candle in the middle of the night. This symbolic lighting is in support of the peace and unity of the island municipality's dwellers.

Other festivals

Other festivals include the Sirong Sirong Festival in the area of Cagdianao. This is a festive celebration in honour of Saints Peter and Paul, highlighted by ethnic Mardi Gras contests and agricultural-industrial fairs. Other celebration include the Kinabog Festival in Tubajon and Liwagan Festival in Loreto.

Sirong-Sirong Festival, Cagdianao.jpg

Sirong Sirong Festival

Sirong-sirong festival is a fiesta celebration in honor of Saints Peter and Paul highlighted by ethic mardigras contests, agro-industrial fair and public dancing.

lawigan 05 004.jpg

Liwagan Festival

The meaning of Lawigan in english is voyage or non-stop journey. The festival is celebrated by the Municipality of Loreto, Dinagat Islands which is actually a Foundation day celebration. The highlights of the celebration are the Barangay Competition, Mutya Ng Loreto, Dragon Race, Field Dance and Float Parade Competition. There are also Agro-fishing seminar and trade fair.