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The Search of Ben Ec at Cab-ilan – June 19, 1952


The family transferred in Cab-ilan Island, Ubing in his youthful days played like a normal guy with his friends, relatives and family. He devoted his life helping his mother to earn money through fishing at night time, and sellingcatches fish to Surigaomarket while he went on schooling at San Nicolas Collegeand performing healing mission elsewhere in Mindanao and Visayas.

On June 19, 1952, two members of the Spiritual Divisionin the persons of Dr. Hugh Tovar and Capt. CapleJurry (Mr. Doomie) arrived at Cab-ilan Island searching for Ben Ec in the person of Ruben Ecleo. All people of Cab-ilan were amazed how Ubing happened to know the two Americans who wanted to bring him in America for eight months spiritual observation. 

Dr. Ruben

In 1953, Ubing, popularly known as Dr. Ruben, performed his first missionary works using divine healing in Pasay City with Dr. Oral Robert after his spiritual observation in America. He went back in Cab-ilan in 1954 and continued his mission in Mindanao cities. Dr. Ruben underwent material initiation from the members of the spiritual division through walking by barefoot and wearing with only one shirt and pant.     

He was commanded to render divine healing mission in highland tribes in Mindanao like the Manobos, Bagobo, T’ boli in Lake Cebu, Tiruray in Maguindanao, Higaonon in Agusan, Mamanwa in Surigao and many others. In the highlands of Mirayon Mountain of Bukidnon, Dr. Ruben received a highest respect and honor from the tribal chieftain after he performed miracles to tribal people. The chieftain’s daughter wanted to marry Dr. Ruben but Lolo Adriano dela Concepcion advised him to escape from unprecedented trial because he is destined to marry a woman in lowland Misamis named Glenda.On his escape after midnight, Dr. Ruben run as fast as he can through the virgin forest to keep away from villagers. He suffered from too much pain, his body was filled with wounds, and blood, sweat and tears poured-out from his human body.