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Nature of the PBMA Constitution

Perhaps, the ordinary layman may enthusiastically be eager to discover the origin, nature and purposes of the Philippine Benevolent Missionaries Association, Incorporated, as a genuine lawful and legitimately founded organization under the Philippine laws.


In accordance with the laws of the Republic of the Philippines, the PBMA, Inc. was formed as a non-profit association, duly established and registered with the Securities and Exchange Commission, Makati, Rizal, on October 19, 1965. As a civic and non-Sectarian organization, the PBMA, Inc. is dedicated to uplift the moral and spiritual standards of the its members, and by virtue of its very nature and purpose, the association is maintained, protected and served by its members for the realization of its objectives.



As provided for in the Articles of Incorporation of the Association, the purposes for which it was established are explained as follows:

1. Charity

a. To serve faithfully
b. To help benevolently
c. To give voluntarily


The members of the Association may not be able to understand clearly the context, dentation, connotation and implication of term charity. For this purpose, a member must engage and/or participate in humanitarian activities in the community, without expecting any monetary remuneration or in kind.

Serving faithfully, on the other hand, is a condition of integrity or rectitude in which the member must not predicate his free services on personal interest, self aggrandizement, pride, honor and profits, to achieve personal ends or selfish motives.

To help benevolently, is not easy to implement, since the term benevolent denotes degree of wide distribution and connotes the liberty or freedom of the recipient of services from any kind of obligation whatsoever. Spontaneity or voluntariness therefore, is the nature of assistance, selflessness in purpose and finally without personal motive in intention.

To help benevolently may also mean extending assistance to other people or members of the Association; without anticipation of remunerative returns of monetary consideration. Benevolence means to help without expecting pecuniary values, material rewards in one form or another.

To give voluntarily means to donate freely, convey, transmit or deliver any form of material thing or any form of value whatsoever for purposes of helping, serving and promoting the highest interest of our brother man, without mental reservation and anticipator or reciprocal consideration.

2. To Promote

a. International peace and unity is quite noble and gradiose objective. This purpose may be achieved by the Association through the efforts of its officers and members, particularly the missionaries. International peace develops from personal and national peace. National peace evolves from individual person or individual families where mento-emotional equilibrium pervades which enhance the spirit of friendliness, camaraderie and brotherhood throughout the world.

Every PBMA member, therefore must guard against improper speech, uncivil act, immoral deeds, ulterior motives all of which develop confusion, hatred, disorder, quarrels, jealousies, and suspicion. If we qualify the efforts of PBMA members of the promotion of friendship, camaraderie and brotherhood, we finally establish national peace and ultimately build international peace through our efforts and guidance.

3. To work

For mutual and friendly relations with all the nation of the world that uphold the true essence and principles of democracy. This objective may be achieved by an orderly system, coordinated and synchronized activities among our member through our prayers, to build an overall aura of peace ad equanimity. Friendliness with all people, without distinction of creed, race and ideology. This coordinated effort may result in good human inter-relationship with all nationalities in the world, without necessarily surrendering the ideals of our democratic institutions.

All ideologies in the world are predicted on and geared towards progress. No ideology is basically evil or intrinsically and except the empiricism of modernity which dedicates its efforts for war and human extinction upon the surface of this planet. An ideology must be designed for human progress, international peace and happiness. We must maintain and cherish the freedom to do good, not the freedom to do bad, that is destructive to mankind.

For a free, good, clean and honest government in the Philippines. In the exercise of free, good and clean government and in the realization of this objective, each and every member of the Association must be vigilant, we mean that a PBMA member must be solicitous and responsive to the needs of the community-as a citizen he must exercise his or her duties and responsibilities and transmit these ideas to all other citizen through his missionary work. With this scheme done, honest government may be realized. There is no compromise between right or wrong. Where wrong or anomalous practice is patent, a PBMA member must help in its curtailment, control or ultimate radiance.

For the upliftment of the economic, spiritual, moral and social condition of the members of the Association. In clearer terms, the Association is duty-bound to uplift if not to ameliorate the economic, spiritual, moral and social well being of its members. By these terms each member must engage in constructive activities to accomplish an enterprise designed to increase the member’s financial income, without necessarily indulging in unlawful or anomalous acts, in flagrant violation of the Constitution of our government or nay other implementing rules and regulations, degrees orders and resolutions promulgated or prescribed by our government.

Upliftment of the member’s spiritual, moral and social condition also means practice of religiosity, moral education reverence or respect for other people’s belief and their duties which means that a member should be non-sectarian separatist. With this attitude, the member may be able to establish friendly relations, brotherhood or camaraderie, since his ideals delve on universal brotherhood that supports the principle of unionism and world citizenship. Ultimately members of the PBMA may be able to associate with all kinds of nationalities, with different creed, race, ideology and social or intellectual status, peoples of different professions, trades, the mediocres, paupers, laborers and all other human beings.

Preamble of the Amended Constitution & By-Laws

We, the bonafide members of the PHILIPPINE BENEVOLENT MISSIONARIES ASSOCIATION, INCORPORATED (PBMA), seeking the continuing guidance and aid of the Divine Providence, in order to attain our objective of promoting world brotherhood, render service to humanity, and love of fellowmen establish an association that seeks to strengthen the moral and spiritual faculties as well as the economic and social needs of its members, promote friendly relations, brotherly understanding and harmony among all people, and help in the realization of national and international order, peace and unity under one world government and the Fatherhood of God, do hereby organize ourselves into a charitable, non-stock and non-sectarian.


Amended Constitution and By-Laws





Section 1 – The name of the association shall be the “Philippine Benevolent Missionaries Association, Inc.,”


Section 2 – The association shall have its main office in San Jose, Dinagat, Surigao del Norte, with its Regional Offices, Provincial Chapters, Sub-Chapters and Delegation Centers throughout Luzon, Visayas, Mindanao and abroad.







Section 1 – Membership in the association shall be of three, classes, to wit;


a) Missionary Member: A Member of the Association in good moral standing, with a mission in his life to serve humanity to help those who are in misery; in abject trouble; to take care of the sick and beggars, to comfort those who are in sorrow, and willing to dedicate and sacrifice his or her whole life to travel anywhere to do charitable services towards his/her fellowmen under the name of the association.


b) Stationary Member: A member of the association in good moral standing, who participates in any charitable works of the association among his or her neighbors, and in the community where he or she is living under the name of the association.


c) Ordinary Member: A member of the association in good moral standing, who participates in any charitable services of the association either at home or elsewhere, but remains as a reserved member and follows the By-Laws of the Association religiously.


Section 2 – Before any body is accepted to become a member of the association an application form must be filled up properly. The chapter where the form was filled up must endorse it for approval to the committee designated for the purpose by the Board of Directors.


Section 3 – Voting Right; Missionary, Stationary and Ordinary members shall have the right to vote and to be voted for.





FEES AND VOLUNTARY CONTRIBUTIONSSection 1 – All members shall pay an entrance fee of TEN (P10.00) PESOS and an annual fee of TWENTY (P20.00) PESOS to the association.


Section 2 – All members may voluntarily give any sum or amount to the association when the Board of Directors or the Supreme President and the Philippine Benevolent Missionaries Association, Inc. may desire to plead to the general members for the good and betterment of the association.





BOARDS OF DIRECTORSSection 1 – The Board of Directors shall be composed of ELEVEN (11) MEMBERS who are sincere, honest and loyal to the association with their names appearing on the list of members and six (6) members present shall constitute a quorum for the transaction of the affairs of the association.


Section 2 – Any candidate for the Board of Directors must be a member of good moral standing and reputation in the association, who possesses the necessary qualifications as determined by the PBMA COMELEC, in accordance with law and regulations.





Section 1 – The officers of the association shall consist of a Supreme President, Executive Vice-President, General Secretary, General Treasurer and General Auditor.


Section 2 – All these officers shall be elected from among the members of the Board of Directors.


Section 3 – The allowances and term of office of all officers shall be fixed and determined by the Board of Directors in accordance with law.





ELECTIONSection 1 – The Board of Directors shall be elected annually by secret ballot from among the Chapter and Delegation Officials, as well as the National Officials of the Women’s League, Presidential Party, Four (4) groups, MSD, MGS, Ushers and Usherettes, Rings Makers and Sports League, at its annual general assembly meeting falling on May 8-15, in which majority of all the members present shall be constitute a quorum. (As amended on 12-10-95)


Section 2 – Only members who are nominated or have otherwise filed the prescribed certificate of candidacy, shall be considered as candidates for election.


Section 3 – The term of office shall commence immediately after they are being elected.


Section 4 – The other officers of the association are elected by secret ballot by the Board of Directors themselves and shall hold office for one year.





POWER AND DUTIES OF THE BOARD OF DIRECTORSSection 1 – The powers and duties of the Board of Directors is:


  1. To call special meetings of the members when they deem it necessary upon the written request of any members of the association.

  2. To appoint, remove, demote, expel members and officers of the association, prescribed their duties, fix their allowances and require from them if necessary, the great zeal of loyalty and obedience to serve the association.

  3. To supervise all officers and members closely and see to it that their duties are well carried out and properly performed.

  4. To conduct and control the affairs of the association, make disciplinary rules and regulations, not inconsistent with the Constitution and Laws of the Republic of the Philippines or By-Laws of the Association and absolute guidance of the officers.

  5. To provide, grant, confer and give awards to those members and officers who have done meritorious deeds and valor in the service of the association.

  6. To keep all pertinent papers and records of the association, minutes and agenda of all the meetings, limit the acts and behavior of officers and the members of the association.

  7. To give complete detail of the assets and liabilities of the association.

  8. To confirm all appointments or recommendations made by the Supreme President.


Section 2 – To create positions which may be necessary and EXPEDIENT to implement the missionary activities and affairs of the members of the organization; prescribed their duties, fix their allowances and require from the great zeal of loyalty, sincerity and obedience to serve the association.


Section 3 – To create working units necessary to carry out the programs and activities of the association to assists and coordinate in all undertakings of the chapter and delegation officials within the chapter, as defined in their respective Constitution and By-Laws of the PBMA, Inc.





DUTIES OF THE OFFICERSSection 1 – SUPREME PRESIDENT: The Supreme President shall: a) Preside over all meetings of the general members and of the Board of Directors, and shall have the right to cast his own vote in all question; b) Sign all contracts, agreement, pertinent papers and other instruments of the association that have been approved by the Board of Directors; c) Call the Board of Directors together whenever he deems it necessary but he shall be subject to the advice of the Board of Directors for the direction of the affairs of the association and generally shall discharge all duties as maybe required of him by the By-Laws of the association; d) He may call Special Meetings of the Board of Directors at any time as long as he will give an advance notice, either written or oral, at least thirty (30) days prior to the meeting that he is going to call.


Section 2 – He shall represent the association, act in its behalf and faithfully executive all the laws, decrees, legal orders and resolutions enacted by the Board of Directors; issue directives, letter of instructions, memorandum and circular, on urgent matters which needed immediate dispatch, for carrying out of the functions of the officers and the members of the association for the benefit, well-being, and general welfare of all concerned.


Section 3 – He may appear personally, or designate his legal representative, to act, for and in behalf of the association, by way of a Special Power of Attorney, only in cases when he could not possibly appear in person for any said transaction; provided however, that any of the acts done by the legal representative would be ratified by the Board of Directors, in order to be considered as a valid act of the association.


Section 4 – He shall; appoint, remove, demote, suspend or expel any officer or member of the association with the confirmation of the Board of Directors, on grounds of disloyalty, dishonesty, conduct unbecoming or involving moral turpitude, or other acts which are inimical, prejudicial and destructive to the good name, integrity and prestige of the association; violation of laws of PBMA, INC., and the duly constituted authorities of the Republic of the Philippines.


Section 5 – EXECUTIVE VICE PRESIDENT: He shall perform the duties of the Supreme in the latter’s absence, inability, and illness. He shall discharge the duties of the Supreme President until such time a new President shall have been elected and qualified.


Section 6 – GENERAL SECRETARY: It shall be the duty of the General Secretary who must be a citizen and resident of the Philippines to keep a record of the proceedings of the Board of Directors and of the general members. He shall keep the corporate seal of the association, the records and minutes of the association, pertinent papers, books of records and at all time during business hours to be made available for inspection of any member of the association. He shall serve all notices required either by law or by the By-Laws of the association, and in case of his absence, inability, removal or refusal, the Supreme President can appoint anybody in his place to handle the administrative work of the association, with the confirmation of the Board of Directors, until his successor shall have been elected and qualified.


Section 7 – GENERAL TREASURER. He shall collect for the association all amounts due; to hold the same custody for the association, to make disbursement only when properly authorized always by means of receipts; to pay all valid obligations of the organizations; to render a true report of the finances of the association annually during the General Conference, or upon demand of the Supreme President or written request of the majority of the members of the association and to submit the reports are required by any existing law of the Republic of the Philippines. He shall give a bond in such amount as may be fixed by the Board. He shall take charge of all properties of the association, and be accountable therefor.


Section 8 – GENERAL AUDITOR: The General Auditor shall audit the books of the association and perform such other duties which may, from time to time be directed to him by the Board of Directors.





SECTORAL REPRESENTATION, CHAPTERS, SUB-CHAPTERS AND DELEGATION CENTERSSection 1 – There shall be created by the association Sectoral Representatives as may be necessary, and as many Chapters, Sub-Chapters and Delegation Centers throughout the Philippines, and abroad, defining the territorial jurisdiction of such offices and functions, duties and responsibilities of such officials as well as the officers of the working units such as the Women’s League, NYO, Professional’s League, Four (4) Groups, MSD, MGS, Ushers and Usherettes, Ring Maker’s, Sports League, Officials, and others, to carry out the policies and objectives of the association. (As amended on 12- 10- 91)


Section 2 – Each Chapter shall be headed by a Chapter President; each Sub-Chapter by a Sub-Chapter President; each Delegation Center by a Delegation Chairman; and each working Unit by the concerned working unit President. (As amended on 12-10-91)


Section 3 – Delegation Centers within the Chapters shall be recommended by the Chapter President concerned, duly approved by the Board and the Supreme President. (As amended 12-10-91)


Section 4 – Chapter and Delegation Officials shall have a term of office of one (1) year, with the right of re-election. They can be removed by resignation, death, or automatic replacement on ground immorality, dishonesty, permanent disability, defiance of legal orders or instructions coming from a superior or higher officers of the association; and non-compliance of duty, duly confirmed by the Board and approved by the Supreme President. (As amended on 12-10-91)


Section 5 – Each Chapter office shall be managed by a Chapter President, Vice-President, Secretary, Treasurer, Auditor and Chapter Adviser. (As amended on 12-10-91)


Section 6 – Each Delegation Center shall be managed by a Delegation Chairman, Vice-Chairman, Secretary, Treasurer, Auditor and Adviser.


Section 7 – All Chapter and Delegation officials shall be elected by their chapter and delegation members who are in good standing in which of majority of them are present constituting a quorum, duly approved by the Supreme President.


Section 8 – Every Chapter, Sub-Chapter, or Delegation shall have the power to recruit members for the association with the confirmation of the Board of Directors and approval of the Supreme President. (As amended on 12-10-91)


Section 9 – All Chapter, Sub-Chapter and Delegation Officials and members and all officers of the working units of the association shall be required to attend every December and May General Annual Conference at San Jose, Surigao del Norte (As amended on 12-10-91).





VACANCIESSection 1 – Vacancies in the Board of Directors shall be filled up by the appointment made by the Supreme President, or by someone chosen by the majority of the Board of Directors present during meeting called for the purpose.


Section 2 – Such person or persons shall hold office until the annual meeting of the association where the members can elect a new Director to fill the vacancy.


Section 3 – Vacancies created in the case of Chapter, Sub-Chapter and Delegation Officials, shall be filled up either by special election, or by proper designation made by the Supreme President.


Section 4 – All other working units or organizations mentioned under Section 1 of Article IX, vacancies created by officials may be filled up as defined by the provisions of their respective Constitution and By-Laws of the PBMA, Inc.





EXPULSIONSection 1 – Any officer or member of the association, found guilty of acts of dishonesty, disloyalty, acts which inimical and destructive of the good name, integrity and prestige of the association; crime committed involving moral turpitude, and grave offenses punishable under the Revised Penal Code, Special Laws, violation of PBMA Rules and Regulations, and laws of the Republic of the Philippines, unless satisfactorily explained or exonerated, shall be expelled from the association.


Section 2 – Any fee or fees paid to the association shall be deemed forfeited in favor of the latter.





AMENDMENTS AND RESOLUTIONSSection 1 – The majority of the members of the Board of Directors, present at a regular or special meeting convened for the purpose, may amend, or repeal any By-Laws, or adopt new ones.


Section 2 – All amendments and resolutions shall be presented in writing furnishing a copy hereof to each member of the Board of Directors at least 30 days prior to its presentation at the next regular or special meeting.


DONE during the general meeting and same was unanimously approved and adopted this 31st day of October, 1965, at San Jose, Dinagat, Surigao del Norte, by all members of the association.




Article I






Section 1: General Qualification


Any individual may qualify to become member of the association regardless of race, nationality and religion after complying and committing to the following, to wit;


a. Willingness to abide the rules and regulations of the association;


b. Willingness to adopt the values and teachings of the association;


c. Does not indulge or engage in any form of vices;


d. Must undergo pre-membership orientation-seminar; and


e. Has paid the required Membership Fee, Annual Fee and ID Application Fee.




Section 2: Guidelines on Candidate Membership


a. The interested person for membership to the association shall be called as Candidate Member (CM);


b. A Candidate Member, must submit Letter of Intent for Membership (LIM) through the Chapter or Sub-Chapter Secretary; the LIM shall be endorsed by the Sponsoring Missioner (SM);


c. After having submitted the Letter of Intent for Membership (LIM), an oral interview will be undertaken by the Committee of Three on Membership at the Chapter office (Chapter President, Chapter Vice President, Chapter Secretary);


d. The interview shall be based on the Guide Questions (GQ) and checklist prescribed by the General Secretary’s Office with corresponding Rating Scale on the responses of the applicant/s;


e. The applicants who passed the interview shall be scheduled to undergo the one-day Pre- Membership Orientation Seminar (PMOS).


f. The Seminar shall be conducted by an accredited Facilitator/Trainer on Membership, and authorized by the Committee of Three from the national office (Supreme President, Executive Vice President, General Secretary);


g. After the PMOS, the Candidate Member should take his Oath of Commitment and Allegiance (OCA) to the association through the Facilitator/Trainer; and signify his/her willingness to follow the rules and regulations, and live with the values and teachings of the association by signing the Book of Commitment and Allegiance (BCA) through the Chapter Secretary;


h. The Certificate of Attendance (COA) shall be issued to every Candidate Member (CM) who passed the PMOS;




Section 3: Guidelines on Application for Membership


a. The Candidate Member (CM) who pursue his intention for membership to the association will now be called as Applicant Member (AM);


b. The Applicant Member should now be given and fill-out the Membership Application Form (MAF) by the Chapter Secretary;


c. On Membership Application Form (MAF), the Applicant Member should attach the following;


    c.1 Certification of the Sponsoring Missioner to the Applicant Member, with his affixed LCCN, Membership Code, Missionary Code, and valid Mission Order Number, if a missioner of the applicant member do not have the foregoing requirements, he/she shall be opted to identify qualified missioner;


    c.2 Photocopy of Certificate of Attendance on PMOS;


    c.3 Photocopy of any two valid IDs or licenses (e.g. SSS, GSIS, Driver’s License, PRC License, TIN, Postal, Company, Voters, Student, Senior Citizen, etc.);


    c.4 Photocopy of Certificate of Live Birth


    c.5 Latest two (2) passport size ID picture;


d. The Membership Application Form shall be signed by the Applicant Member and be noted by the Sponsoring Missioner.




Section 4: Guidelines on Registration of Membership


a. The Applicant Member shall pay the prescribed Registration Fee, Annual Fee and ID Application Fee;


b. The filled-out Membership Application Form together with the Official Receipt (OR) of Membership Fee, Annual Fee and ID Application Fee shall be submitted by Applicant Member to the Chapter Secretary for validation;


c. After validation of the Membership Application Form, the Membership Registration Form (MRF) shall be filled-out by the Chapter Secretary in Typewritten or computer-encoded in three (3) copies (1 copy for Applicant Member, 1 copy for Chapter, 1 copy for National);


d. The Membership Registration Form shall be approved by the Committee of Three at the Chapter Level (Chapter President, Chapter Vice President, Chapter Secretary);


e. The Sponsoring Missioner shall now give the Applicant Member a Rosary for a regular devotion and a Membership Ring;


f. The consolidated list of Applicant Member with an attached three (3) copies of approved Membership Registration Form per Applicant Member shall be sent to the General Secretary’s Office for approval of the Committee of Three at the National Level (Supreme President, Executive Vice President, General Secretary) and adoption or concurrence by the Board of Directors;


g. The resolution for adoption and concurrence of the registration of Applicant Members with the encoded Membership Registration Forms shall be sent back to the Chapter Secretary.




Section 5: Recording, Archiving and Distribution of Membership Registration Form and Identification Card.


a. A copy of approved, concurred, and encoded Membership Registration Form shall be given to the Applicant Member together with the Identification Card (ID);


b. The hard copies of the Membership Registration Form at the National and Chapter Level shall be Book Bound for physical archiving;


c. The hard copies of the MRFs at the National Office shall be scanned for entry to the Book of Registration at the PBMA Membership Data-base Management System;




Article II




Section 1: Renewal and Reapplication of Membership Identification Card


a. A member applicant shall present his/her old official Membership ID to the Chapter Secretary for checking of its validity;


b. Upon validity of the old ID, a Membership ID Application Form (MIDAF) shall be issued by the Chapter Secretary, and a prescribed ID Application Fee shall be paid to the Chapter Treasurer.


c. With attached Official receipt and Chapter Clearance, the ID Application Form shall be submitted back to the Chapter Secretary for endorsement to the National through the General Secretary’s Office for verification; the Endorsement Form shall be signed by the Chapter Secretary and approved by the Chapter President;


d. After verification by the General Secretary’s Office, the ID application shall be endorsed to the PBMA Data Management Center for production;


e. Produced or printed ID Card at the PBMA Data Management Center shall be sent back to the General Secretary’s Office for checking;


f. Checked and validated ID Cards shall be transmitted to the concerned chapter offices and be entered into the Book of ID Issuance before distribution to the owner members;


g. Any transactions delegated to any unauthorized person shall be covered with Authorization;


h. All Chapter Offices should maintain a Book on ID Issuance where data on processing of IDs shall be entered, such as; Names of applicants, date of applications, date endorsed to GSO, date received from GSO, and date released to member applicant;


i. All transactions from office to office shall be covered with transmittal report to maintain a proper and organized system;


j. The PBMA Membership ID shall be valid for a period of three (3) years from date of issuance; and subject for renewal thereafter;


k. Renewal of ID shall be 3 months before its date of expiration.


l. Invalid Membership ID shall deprived the right of concerned member to be entertained or avail any services and transactions with the association;


m. Expired ID will be discarded by putting a hole at the center using the puncher by the Chapter Secretary or by the MGS.


n. In case of replacement for lost ID, attached certification certified by the Chapter Secretary and Chapter President on the application.


o. A member may request for ID replacement in case of update or changes on Status, Surname, Chapter and correction on spelling.


p. Membership ID must be presented in all PBMA transactions.


q. All Offices are required to check the validity of the Membership ID.