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Dinagat Islands is a young island-province at the northern tip of Mindanao. Many describe Dinagat Islands as a hidden gem of the Caraga Region XIII. The Islands are enriched with great bio-diversity, abundant natural wonders and rich resources. Dinagat Islands has a multitude of fascinating white sandy beaches with arrays of colossal rock formations. These sites and attractions are as diverse as the topography of the islands and islets.

The province is known for its caves, resorts, and beaches. These include Bitaug Beach, Campintac Black Beach No. 2, Linao Spring Resort, and San Juan Cave (all in Loreto), Lake Bababu, Puerto Prinsesa Beach & Hagakhak Cave in Basilisa, Tagberayan Beach, Sayaw Beach, Legaspi Water Falls, Hinabyan and Leandro's Beach Resort in Cagdianao, Talisay Beach in Tubajon, Quano Blue Lagoon and Quano Cave, Ben Paz Mountain Resort and Oasis Islet Resort in Libjo, and the Cab-ilan Beach & Cab-ilan Gamay Beach in Dinagat.


bitaog beach.jpg

Bita-og Beach (or Bitaug Beach) of Unib Island in Dinagat Islands has the makings of a premier destination in the Philippines — fine white sand, an idyllic ambiance, dancing coconut trees, and turquoise waters. Despite the characteristics that make it a beautiful island destination, there are very few tourists who visit it. This is the ideal place to relax, unwind and swim. Bitaog beach (Basilisa) It has seven entrances, the nearest is the 10min trek from a powdery white Bitaog beach. This cave composed of numerous chambers, the biggest is the king's throne, it has an impressive limestone rock formations and naturally carved stalagmite, stalacitites and columns. Cabacungan Cave - Another beautiful destination found on the northern part of Lalaking Bukid, same island where Bitaog Beach is located, is a mesmerizing cove called Cabacungan Cave It is a long stretch of white sand beach fringed with coconut trees and towering limestone cliffs and boulders. The seawater on the beach is normally calm and crystal clear abundant in corals and marine lifeforms that makes it a perfect destination for swimming and snorkeling. Moreover, birds can be found nesting on the high limestone cliffs while some are hovering at the sky.


Duyos beach (Basilisa) it has a really nice sandbar and has more cottages, a store, videoke machine, a wide grilling area and comfort/shower room.

isla aga.jpg

Isla Aga (Basilisa) is one of the famous tourist spots in Dinagat Islands which is mainly composed of limestone rock formations with growing vegetation. Atop the limestone rocks of the island offers a beautiful view of the nearby islands and islets. There is an alluring small pocket of white sand beach on the island where visitors can enjoy swimming and a small hanging bridge. This secluded island is surrounded by crystal clear waters teeming with marine life.

lake bababu.jpg

Lake Bababu (Basilisa) - an oval shaped tectonic lake. It is one of the few lakes with both a halocline and a thermo cline. A halocline is a separation of the lighter freshwater and the heavier salt water. A thermo cline is a drastic difference in water temperature with the cooler freshwater at 28 degrees centigrade and the warmer saltwater at 32  degrees centigrade.


Tagbirayan beach (Cagdianao)-The beach is 1.5km from port of Poblacion, Cagdianao. It is the only sugar-brown sand in dinagat islands. This is rarely shoreline is facing the east coast of the Pacific Ocean.


cab ilan.jpg

Cab Ilan Beach (Dinagat)-The beach with fine sand and bruish-emerald waters in the province.


jelmars resort.jpg

Jelmars resort (Libjo) - Surrounded by abundant white sands with crystal blue clear water and a floating cottage.

Kisses Islet Libjo.JPG

Kisses islets (Libjo) - Located at the west coast of Libjo municipality and has eye-catching panoramic view from the highest peak of the Kisses Islet, forming like an ole castle beneath the clear-bluish seawater.

Oasis Islet-Plaridel,Libjo.jpg

Oasis Islet (Libjo) - In one corner of the islet, a commanding view of a landscape similar to that of El Nido. Gigantes in Iloilo, Coron, Caramon, etc. Unfolds. Towering limestones surrounded by emeralds green to bluish green waters are scatted on the sea.

Pangabangan Island is one of the paradise islands in Dinagat covered with lush greens. It has a beautiful white sand beach fringed with coconut trees, huge limestone rocks scattered on the shore and clear waters suitable for swimming. The most astounding feature of this island is the wide tidal pool or blue lagoon that every good swimmer would be excited to swim and snorkel around. The tidal pool is being enclosed by island’s towering rock cliffs covered with trees. Blue Lagoon, known to others as Pangabangan Tidal Pool, is located in Pangabangan Island, a distance away from the coastal barangay of Magsaysay in Libjo, Dinagat Islands. It is about three hours boat ride from Surigao City, the capital of Surigao del Norte.

Punta BS.jpg

Punta buena suete (libjo) - Is a private resort with complete amenities from comfy room stay, function room for any indoor events like meeting, training and workshops and personalize events. Also, there are lot of rides from banana boat, to kayaking, and lot of inflatable recreational boat.

Punta Villa.jpg

Punta Villa Beach (Libjo) - The beach at Punta Villa with karst islets in the background. Punta Villa Beach Resort, Plaridel, Libjo, Dinagat Islands,

quano cave.jpg

Quano  Cave (Libjo), is filled with different limestone formations located in Libjo, Dinagat Island. The cave is connected to the Punta Villa beach a massive and mysterious. Another attraction in libjo, a massive chamber accessible through a narrow trail connected to a beach called punta villa. Quano cave is so big errie that it will easily dwarf anyone who enters it. One’s creative imagination will also come in handy as the guide points out to several limestone formations resembling almost anything you could think of.


linaw spring.jpg

Linaw spring resort - linao spring Resort in Brgy. Esperanza, Linao " lawom na tubig" in visayan which means deep water or sleeping water. The resort is a river supplied by sping waters comung from the mountain.

mt. redondo bonsai.jpg

Natural bonsai forest (loreto) - Approximately 5km from port of loreto municipality, naturally- grown Bonsai garden located at the highest elevation of Dinagat Islands 780 ft. Above sea level.

San Jose

Stingray Islet (San Jose) -  This cute islet is one of the natural wave breakers of San Jose. It can be reached through canoeing or boat ride in within 5 to 10 minutes only.

santa cruz.jpg

Santa Cruz Beach (San Jose) -   The most accessible and nearest beach to San Jose. It is a favorite local destination; they flock to this beach just before sunset, dousing the heat in its cool waters and lazing on its soft sand.


Bangkaw falls.jpg

Bangkaw falls (Tubajon)- It has a scenic view of dwarfish-like waterfalls and matched with cold wide pool and cottages that was constructed for the tourist/s restful vacation.