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The life, wisdom, doctrine, philosophy, teachings, missionary works and unequivocal history of Ruben Edera Ecleo, Sr. were often matters for dispute and varying interpretation in the life of missioners of PBMA, Inc. and likewise his socio-political approaches in the economic growth and development of the Province of Dinagat Islands.


Early in the life of the association, for example, it became necessary to regularize beliefs and popularize about his life and his role. Articles are written to aid conversion of belief and varied interpretation why he was called as “The South Mysterious Superstar”.

Ruben E. Ecleo Sr. was once called "The South’s Mysterious Superstar" by the WHO Magazine in (September 26 Issue) 1981, for being a charismatic leader, the undefeated mayor of Dinagat and the architect of Barangay San Jose in the municipality of Dinagat for making it as the “Most Outstanding Barangay of the Philippines” in 1980; a recognition given by the elite Rotary Club of Makati. San Jose was then home of his association, the PBMA. He was chosen as the “Most Outstanding Mayor of the Philippines” in 1985.


The south mentioned here is Mindanao, being one of the three big groups of islands in the Philippine Archipelago. Mindanao is being tagged as the land of promised by some local writers and historians. This land is blessed with abundance of natural reasources, fertile soil, mineral reserves and the best climate in the world yet a dangerous place for many. It evokes contrasting images of bounty and want, of war and peace, of rapid development amid the increasing impoverishment of its people.

Author's Quote

“It is not a man who chooses his God because God is only one, but it is God who chooses his people according to his will and be recognize as members of his family.”


"Tell the world about Divine Master Ruben E. Ecleo Sr."


"A mystical website of the book to ponder titled, The Miracle of the South – The Life and Times of Divine Master Ruben Edera Ecleo, Sr., a phenominal character, a public figure somewhere in the far east, south of the Philippines, Dinagat Islands, whose life is clothed with mysteries and miracles"