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The Book of the Life and Times of the LOCAL HERO of the Province of Dinagat Islands

Supreme President & Founder 

Philippines Benevolent Missionaries Association Incorporated




Divine Master's Shrine is a Mausoleum at the top of a hill in Aurelio, San Jose, Dinagat Islands. The shrine was built by the Philippine Benevolent Missionaries Association (PBMA) members in honor of the founder, Ruben Edera Ecleo Sr.. This shrine symbolizes his lasting legacies.

He was declared as “THE LOCAL HERO OF THE PROVINCE OF DINAGAT ISLANDS” Per Provincial Ordinance No. BBE – 03 s. 2013

REPUBLIC ACT NO. 9355, the law creating the Province of Dinagat islands  and authored by then Congresswoman Glenda B. Ecleo, the present provincial governor this province was affirmed by the Supreme Court to be valid and constitutional last October 24, 2012;

As distinct society with autonomous governance, every Dinagatnon is worthy to recognize, know, learn and live with the highest ideal of the Local Hero Ruben Edera Ecleo, Sr.; as hero, he is the embodiment of the personhood of a Dinagatnon; a servant leader with exemplary achievement in public and private services.


It is hereby encourage every Dinagatnon to deepen their understanding, awareness, internalization and live with the values, teachings, principles, and practices of the Local Hero; towards generations and takes the share of heroism that every citizen from the Province of Dinagat Islands may emulate and contribute to nation building.


Meet Ruben Edera Ecleo Sr.

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a man who bangs the world through his wisdom, doctrine, philosophy, teachings, missionary works and unequivocal history. In the vast horizon of the Far East, amidst the molten Pacific Ocean, Puyange, now San Jose in mystical province of Dinagat Islands,  sprouts a new  power, knowledge and created his own civilization with his people with compassion, humility, patriotism and love of God.

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Radio Broadcast titled, “The Local Hero”, features the promotion of Dinagat Islands Local Hero’s Biography.

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Collection of original audio messages and songs that was first compiled and preserved for the promotion of Dinagat Islands Local Hero.